Cannabis Medical - Everything you wanted to know and did not dare to ask

Cannabis has become a preferred solution for patients who are fed up with pills and prescription drugs over the years. The cannabis components are found to be effective in treating the symptoms, but also as having therapeutic potential. So what exactly is medical cannabis, how to get it and how much it costs - everything you wanted to know and you had no one to ask.

Medical Cannabis

So what is medical cannabis at all? Medical Cannabis Is actually flowers, oil or extracts of the cannabis plant, also known as medical marijuana, medical grass or maripuana.

Cannabis is a plant from the Kenabis family (another family member is hops, from which beer is produced), which is divided into two main subspecies:IndicaAnd 'Sativa'. The main differences between indica and sativa are the length of time of growth, the nature of the effect, and the preferred times of use. The differences between them You can read here.

Within these sub-families grew "varieties" of cannabis, which over the years had their own names and names, from Abidal to Paris - names given by the growers themselves. In Israel there is a bit up From total varieties 90, Roughly 12 varieties for each of the 8-growing companies in medical cannabis. Each strain contains other quantities of active ingredients (Cannabinoids), Broken down intoTHC and-CBD Mainly. The differences between THC, the psychoactive substance, and CBD, the substance considered 'medical' You can read here.

In fact there is really no difference between cannabis "normal" and "medical" cannabis besides Some parameters:

1. The person who approves the license for medical cannabis is a person who has been certified as an "administrator" under the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance. The new authority for the management of medical cannabis is the Medical Unit of the Ministry of Health, and is the only authorized entity to sign and approve medical cannabis for patients, except for licenses granted to cancer patients who are hospitalized and receive the license from the oncology physician. The directors of IMCA are Yuval Landstift and Dr. Michael Dor - who are responsible for the entire industry.

2. The cannabis supplier is an agricultural company that the Ministry of Health has permitted to grow medical cannabis and meets all the criteria of supervision and follow-up established by the Ministry -9 supplies medical cannabis of Israel.

3. Cannabis flowers have been grown and produced on the farm with the appropriate standards, greenhouses with quality control, no use of chemical or prohibited pesticides, and other proper production procedures. It should be noted that as of today, the Israeli medical cannabis companies do not meet 100 percent of these conditions, according to tests conducted in the framework Petition to the Supreme Court As well as the framework Class action Which is currently being discussed in court.

Diseases that qualify for medical cannabis in Israel

Although cannabis has been shown to help in a wide range of diseases and pain, in Israel, medical cannabis has been approved for only a few diseases.

In order to obtain approval for medical cannabis, a specialist should be consulted to fill a recommendation for the supply of medical cannabis. The specialist should be consulted after you have checked that you are 'List of indications, With documents showing the history of treatment for one of the following diseases:

  • cancer
  • Parkinson 's
  • Chronic pain
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Crohn's and colitis
  • AIDS (HIV)
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Tourette
  • epilepsy
  • Children with autism and epilepsy in studies.

Not on the list but may be caught in the future:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • Psoriasis

It is recommended to examine the chances of obtaining a license according to the Kanapedia Calculator, Here.

How Much Does Medical Cannabis Cost?

Cannabis is given to patients with a license For 370 a month. It does not matter if the patient receives 20 grams per month, or 120 grams per month, according to current policy everyone pays one 370 NIS per month only when taken in self-collection, or together with an additional NISNUMX for delivery to home.

The average consumption of medical cannabis in Israel as of the middle of the year 2019 - is 32.5 per month.

Doctors Confirming Cannabis (New: 2019)

Exclusive to Cannabis Magazine - List of Israel's new cannabis doctors. These are doctors who have completed a training course of the Ministry of Health.

The following is the complete list:

Last NameFirst nameexpertiseCooperative / institutional affiliationStreetsettlementRemarks
Abu rashahPleasantGastroenterologySorokaItzhak Reger BoulevardBeer Sheva
AvrahamigivingpsychiatryGeha Mental Health CenterHelsinki 1Petah Tikva
AdisIyadPainShebaShiba Road 2Ramat Gan
lightReuvenHematology and OncologyZichron Menachem Day CenterLeo Nissan 10Jerusalem
ElranEnochNeurosurgeryIchilovWeizmann 6Tel Aviv
AsafYaronsurgeryAccumulated medicineIndependence 1Even Yehuda
OmarSuheilInternal Medicine, RheumatologyShalom Meir CenterDiskin 9JerusalemKiryat Wolfson
wellPinepsychiatryLev HaSharon Mental Health CenterThe stalksContact Moshe
BunzelMichaelpsychiatryMayanei Hayeshua Medical CenterRabbi Povarsky 17Bnei Brak
BookmandeergeriatricsMaccabiThrough Yitzhak RabinBeit Shemesh
In jasmineMichaelpsychiatrySha'ar MenasheRoad 6403Sha'ar Menashe
BitonEveInternalMeditrixCreation 28Ramat Gan
sonAmitpsychiatryThe "Beit Ham"Rav Kahneman 111Bnei Brak
Ben ShacharMenachem ShlomoOncologyMaccabiBen Gurion Ave 80 aKiryat Motzkin
Bar-DovIdaPalliativeAccumulated medicineIndependence 1 PO Box 3114Even Yehuda
BrillSilvioPainIchilovWizman 6Tel Aviv
Goldberg SternHadassahNeurologySchneider (general)Kaplan 14Petah Tikva
GoldsteinOmarGastroenterology, internal medicineBnei ZionEliahu Golomb BoulevardHaifa
Lion cubWith mePainShiba Tel HashomervalleyRamat Gan
GlasbergSimonaInternalHadassah Ein KeremJerusalem
monumentageChildrenSchneiderKaplan 14Petah Tikva
Doek AdrianMarceloHematology / Internal MedicineAssutaMedicine 7Ashdod
DanielWelcome toFamilyUnifiedTel Aviv
ThawedAnd aboveOncologySorokaBeer Sheva
HirschEyalGastroenterology, internal medicineIchilovWizman 6Tel AvivIchilov Floor 1 Wing A
ShiningNorman IsaacOncologyShaare ZedekShmuel Byte 12Jerusalem
VerberBumblebeeFamilyAccumulated medicineGivat Avni
nightingaleJocelynFamilyMaccabiArlozorov BoulevardAfula
A stranger to ZionMoshepsychiatryAssuta Ramat HachayalIron 19Tel Aviv
HerutiRaphael YosefPhysical medicine and rehabilitationReut Rehabilitation Medical CenterSderot Hahayal 2Tel Aviv
HarmushroseInternal Medicine, GeriatricsLaniadoDivrei Chaim 16Location
YigalGutnickPsychiatry of the child and the adolescentHillel YaffeHadera
YagnagiftHematologycouchDov Hoz, Lower GalileeTiberias
JacobGurevichpsychiatryNational levelThe factory is 5Carmiel
YatzkerOripsychiatrysplendorThrough MaimonidesZefat
StraightTamarPainNational levelWizman 14Tel Aviv
CohenFoundationPainShaare ZedekShmuel Byte 12Jerusalem
CohenEmployeesurgeryRambamThe Second Aliyah 8Haifa
financialOferDirector of the Medical UnitBeilinson HospitalThrough Ze'ev JabotinskyPetah Tikva
financialNathanpsychiatryLev HaSharon HospitalThe stalksContact Moshe
KatzNataliapsychiatryMaale Hacarmel HospitalThe 17Tirat Carmel
KatzEldadorthopedicsBar Kochba 16Bnei Brak
Carmi NawiNiritNeurologyMaccabiRabbi Akiva 86Bnei Brak
Lev RanborrowedpsychiatryLev HaSharon Mental Health CenterThe stalksContact Moshe
LivshitzAnatolyPhysical medicine and rehabilitationReut Rehabilitation Medical CenterSderot Hahayal 2Tel Aviv
LeibaMeiravHematology and Internal MedicineAssutaMedicine 7Ashdod
Moss GilatFoundationInternalAccumulated medicineIndependence 1Even Yehuda
MahamidKamelOncologyThe Emek Medical CenterYitzhak Rabin BoulevardAfula
MichaelMarovitzOrthopedic surgeryShiba Tel HashomerShiba Road 2Ramat Gan
MeiravLeaderInternal and RheumatologyShiba Tel HashomerShiba Road 2Ramat Gan
Teaches finsYaronPainRambamThe Second Aliyah 8Haifa
ManevitchDmitrygeriatricsBeit Rivka (Clalit)The five 4Petah Tikva
MeshulamHadasEye diseasesHadassah Ein KeremJerusalem
MatteNaomiInternal medicine and geriatricsThe Galilee Medical CenterNahariya
NubanijewelFamilyIn generalSheikh JarrahJerusalem
NoamBenyaminiHematologyIchilovWizman 6Tel Aviv
purpleNahumFamily medicine, children, ADHDMaccabiMenachem Begin BoulevardGedera
Stolick - DolbergOritPain relief medicineShebaTel ha shomer
StollerOritPediatric NeurologyAsaf the doctorTsrifin
AdyMohammedInternal Medicine, RheumatologycouchDov HozTiberias
FahumFirasNeurologyIchilovWeizmann 6Tel Aviv
VogelmanJacobPainRambamThe Second Aliyah 8Haifa
FischerDanielpsychiatryLev HaSharon HospitalLocation
FischeremirPediatricsCarmel Medical CenterContainer 7Haifa
FrenkelNatay DavidChildrenElinShmaryahu Levin 84Jerusalem
KotlerMoshepsychiatryRamat Hen Champion David 40Ramat Hen Champion David 40Givatayim
A secretaryRaphaelFamilyAccumulated medicineIndependence 1Even Yehuda
foldEricOccupational medicineIn generalIDF 52Haifa
KraussparrowChildrenSchneider (general)Kaplan 14Petah Tikva
KrasnyEleonoraFamily medicineFrom TudelaBenjamin of Tudela 5Jerusalem
RobinsonsparroworthopedicsGeneral nationalIndependence 67Bat Yam
Roitman KennethorIritgeriatricsNational levelBoys 14Hod Hasharon
RonjewelgeriatricsBar Kochba 16Bnei Brak
RiboLarissaOncologyAssutaMedicine 7Ashdod
ReshefAmikamNeurologyThe Emek HospitalAfula
ShwedageOccupational medicine"Shades of Purple"The Histadrut, 55Haifa
ShwedageOccupational medicine"Shades of Purple"Motta Gur 4, Avnat Mall TowerPetah Tikva
SholikSvetlanaanesthesiaSorokaItzhak Reger BoulevardBeer Sheva
StemleroakChest and heart surgeryAccumulated medicineIndependence 1Even Yehuda
SternNoaFamilyLaniadoDivrei Chaim 16Location
SheinfeldRoyPainShebaShiba Road 2Ramat Gan
Shiff KerenemeraldPainMaccabi1948 2Tel Aviv
ShechterLioraFamilyUnifiedTom LantosLocation
rulerNadavpsychiatryLev HaSharon HospitalThe stalksContact Moshe
ShmueliDoritNeurologyIn generalThrough Bethlehem 75Jerusalem
Shenhav SalzmanGilatInternalLaniadoDivrei Chaim 16Location
ShakakYuriPsychiatry and narcologyMaccabiThe 11 carobLocation
SharonRoniNeurologyShebaShiba Road 2Ramat Gan

Medical Oncology Oncologists (for cancer patients only)

● Dr. Ido Wolf and Prof. Moshe Inbar of Ichilov
● Dr. Johnny Greenfeld of Assaf Harofeh,
● Prof. Jamal Zidan from the Ziv Medical Center in Safed,
● Dr. Weitzan Roni and Dr. Lia Eshet of Sheba, Tel Hashomer,
● Dr. Gil Bar Sela of Rambam Medical Center
● Dr. Shachar Ben Menachem from Nahariya Hospital.
● Dr. Tatyana Harkovsky, Barzilai Hospital
● Dr. Yaakov Baram, Poriya Medical Center
● Dr. Yakir Rotenberg, Hadassah Ein Kerem
● Dr. Orna Rosengarten, Shaare Zedek Medical Center.
● Dr. Shimon Wein, Beilinson Hospital was not found
● Dr. Salem Blanc, "Holy Family Hospital" Nazareth.

All the other doctors in Israel who have not completed a Health Ministry stamping course are doctors Recommend Only - recommended to the Chief Physician Dr. Michael Dor For approval.

How to obtain a Cannabis Medical License

First there is a review In the manual for the issuance of a medical cannabis license, And then continue with one of the doctors listed above, or visit a doctor who is not accredited and from whom to obtain recommendation For the treatment of medical cannabis - sent by the doctor in an online form directly to the Ministry of Health.

While there have been cases in which a Cannabis license was also made possible by the recommendations of family physicians, in most cases it is unambiguously preferable to accept a recommendation of specialized doctor, In any specialization relevant to the disease and in accordance with such conditions.

How many patients are in medical cannabis?

As of April 2017 are getting About 30,000 Patients in Israel Treatment of medical cannabis, mostly cancer patients and pain patients. In addition, patients with Crohn's / Colitis, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, MS patients, Parkinson's disease patients, AIDS patients, terminal patients with Tourette's syndrome.


There are several ways to consume medical cannabis:

Smoking Cannabis

1. JDC - a rolled-up cigarette full of dried marijuana flowers.
2. Pipe - smoking pipe for marijuana.
3. Bang - A water pipe that works like a narghile. There is a great selection of Bangs Of various types and sizes, but the most recommended for the consumption of medical cannabis is the glass-only bang.
4. Dubbing - Not common in the country. A relatively new American phenomenon that now penetrates into Europe based on a burner that burns highly concentrated extracts, such as vox cannabis.


Evaporation Cannabis is carried out by means of a special evaporative device (fryer) by heating the flower or the cannabis extract to a temperature at which the active substances evaporate (180-240 degrees) but are not burned, meaning no combustion occurs. The advantage of evaporation consumption is health, because smoke is not inhaled with undesirable byproducts and carcinogens. The disadvantage of the method is the high cost of the evaporation device. It is recommended not to purchase vaporizers that are not electric and are based on heating using live fire. The cannabis oil provided by the Ministry of Health must not be steamed under any circumstances because it is mixed with olive oil, which will emit hazardous fumes in the heater.


1. Food - Cannabis can also be consumed in the form of cookies (A video guide for making Cannabis medical cookies) Or any other food that contains cannabis butter. The process of preparing cannabis butter is very simple. below Guide to making cannabis butter.

2. Cannabis oil and 25% vegetable oil (mostly olive oil). The recommended method of consumption is dripping under the tongue. The effectiveness of the oil is limited and is therefore recommended mainly for children, the elderly and others who are unable to vaporize or smoke. Please note that the medical cannabis oil is supplied by the Ministry of Health We are not The wonderful oil that has been shown to be a cancer killer (Rick Simpson oil). It is recommended to watch the fascinating documentary "Escape from the Drug" in which a child with cancer who is recovering from his illness is monitored Rick Simpson oil.

3. Capsules that allow the active components of cannabis to be taken comfortably and with long-term effects. The capsules work in a "slow release" and succeed in causing long-term effects without the dangers of smoking.

Cannabis Medical Supplies in Israel

There are currently nine workers in Israel Cannabis Medical Supplies Who are authorized to supply their products to patients who hold medical cannabis approval. They are under the strict supervision of the Israel Police and are subject to the stringent instructions and demands of the Ministry of Health. Each vendor grows and distributes a different number of Cannabis medicinal strains When each strain is intended for the treatment of other diseases.

The following are the details of medical cannabis providers in Israel:

Tikkun Olam
IMC - EMC Agriculture
Aspiration for life
Buy perfume - bush
Great nature

How to get approval for medical cannabis?

As previously mentioned, we recommend reading the guide: How to Get a Cannabis Medical License.

Either way, in order to obtain approval for medical cannabis, one of the doctors recommending a meeting must be contacted. In the meeting, documents must be presented indicating the disease from which the patient suffers, as well as written evidence of medications and painkillers that are taken regularly. It is recommended to emphasize that the drugs cause side effects that make normal life difficult, such as dizziness, nausea, sleep problems, etc.

The doctor recommends that you send his recommendation along with a recommendation document that can be filled out In this link.

The permit was given for the first time for a period of six months And a monthly quantity of up to 50 made, but usually no more than 20. The cost of the drug is 370 NIS per month - regardless of the amount received.

The official waiting time advertised by the IMCA for a permit or renewal is 30 Business Days. High priority is given to cancer patients and patients for whom the attending physician determined that there is a necessary need to expedite the process.

The division of medical cannabis The license holders are mainly at Abarbanel Hospital in Bat-Yam. The distribution center can be reached independently according to the supplier's hours of operation or alternatively receive the medical cannabis by delivery to your home The focus of lightning.

How To Get A Cash Back For Medical Cannabis Payment And Related Products

Work accident victims

Please contact the HMO and submit the following documents:
Original receipts
Recognition of an accident
Medical Cannabis License
- A letter from the doctor confirmed by Cannabis and describes why cannabis is preferable to medication
Any problem you may contactOrganization of Work Accident Casualties.

Victims of Hostilities

Contact your local Social Security office nearest to your place of residence.

The reimbursement of expenses due to medical treatment is given in the following cases:


A refund can be obtained for the purchase of drugs related to injury that have not been provided by the public medical service. To receive the refund, please contact the branch of the National Insurance Institute near your place of residence, along with the prescriptions for medicines and receipts from the pharmacy.


A person injured by a hostile action is entitled to reimbursement of travel expenses for the purpose of receiving medical treatment. The refund will be given only when the medical treatment is performed near the place of residence, and by a recognized public medical institution.
The application must be accompanied by a written confirmation from the attending body (HMO, hospital etc.), stating the date and type of treatment given, as well as receipts as required, as follows:
An injured person who was traveling in public transportation (Bus, taxi service etc.) will sign a declaration detailing the itinerary and its price (no need to attach travel tickets). The refund will be determined according to the prices of public transport.
A person injured in a special taxi or in an ambulance (After the doctor, with the approval of a physician from the National Insurance Institute, determined that his condition does not allow him to travel on public transportation) - will attach receipts for travel expenses.
An injured person who was traveling in his private car (According to the rate paid to a civil servant).

Insured by the Ministry of Defense

Those who are treated under the insurance of the security forces can request a refund of medical cannabis expenses. The policyholder must submit a recommendation or recommendations of the treating physician + a medical cannabis license + acceptance of the purchase. If they are refused by the district doctor, Iddo Katz (the chief physician of the Ministry of Defense) can be contacted directly and complain to him. And he would instruct the district doctor to forward the refund.

The address for inquiries is:
Dr. Ido Katz - Certified Head Physician.
Ministry of Defense - Rehabilitative Division
Headquarters of the Rehabilitation Division.
King Shaul Blvd.
Tel-Aviv 64733
Fax: 03-7185765

Insured by sick funds

Currently only Maccabi Health Fund"Provides a return on medical cannabis. The cashier provides the refund to members "Maccabi Fund" only.

Who is eligible for a refund of medical cannabis?

Who has been a member of the Maccabi Fund for over two consecutive years and the monthly income of the household under NIS 4500

How do I apply for reimbursement for medical cannabis expenses?

1. To obtain a refund for medical cannabis, you must go to the Maccabi branch closest to your place of residence and ask the clerk for the refund documents. You can also download the forms Here.

2. Must be submitted The forms are full Together with the following documents:
A. Form of declaration of full income and signed + certificates of income. (Three last pay slips of the couple or any other certificate indicating total income).
B. Medical documents referring to the medical condition with medical diagnoses.
third. Referral from a medical / paramedical entity of "Maccabi Health Services" specifying the assistance requested by the applicant.
D. A tax invoice on the purchase of the product or the last treatment.

3. Processing of the application may take up to one month.

The following is an explanation of a licensed patient in medical cannabis who received reimbursement both for the drug and for the drug:

Enter the Maccabi branch and submit the application documents together with all the supporting approvals as applicable:

Recent months from the bank, a letter from a caregiver, a letter from a social worker in the HMO recommending that the fund help you. A request for assistance in financing medical treatment that is not in the basket, a copy of the license, of course, the receipt of receipts, probably up to a year retroactively, it is preferable to transfer all the documents together, and check after a day or two that all the pages have been absorbed into the system. Always leave you a copy as well. You may also request reimbursement for the equipment accompanying the medicine itself, such as rolling accessories, smoking tools, etc. Disability certificates must also be attached to the application if there are approvals from the National Insurance Institute to receive a pension and anything that indicates the medical problems.

I asked the social worker to quote the advantages of evaporation in relation to smoking, and explain the quantity and the savings. I have, of course, included a price quote I received from the wafer provider. I received a 57% return in the first year against receipts for the drug. Second year 80 percent. I asked to buy a waferizer and got a NIS 2250 refund!

Cannabis medical treatment for a variety of diseases and pain

Cannabis has been used as a general remedy for pain and disease throughout human history and was banned for use less than 100 years ago. In recent years, cannabis has begun to regain its legitimacy after decades of being victimized by false propaganda by the authorities who preferred the economic interests of pharmaceutical companies to those of the citizens themselves.

Cannabis can help treat a wide range of diseases such as chronic pain, migraines, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, asthma, epilepsy, depressions and anxiety, Tourette's syndrome, insomnia, Crohn's disease, Fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal disorders, cancer, hepatitis C, HIV / AIDS, Huntington's Disease, high blood pressure, incontinence, MRSA, osteoporosis, itching, sleep apnea and more.

A small part of the thousands of publications and research results relating to the medicinal properties of cannabis can be seen in the following list taken from the NORML website:
Medical Marijuana - A review of the latest research

Cannabis or antidepressants?

Cannabis Medical Treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Using marijuana after a traumatic event prevents the development of post-traumatic symptoms, according to a new study conducted at the University of Haifa and published in the prestigious journal Neuropsychopharmacology. For further reading click here: Marijuana for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Cannabis Medical for the treatment of spinal cord injuries

The cannabis plant contains, among other things, the cannabidiol ingredient which does not have a psychotic effect.
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Cannabidiol (CBD) has improved the mobility of laboratory mice with spinal cord injuries, according to a new study in the journal Neurotoxicity Research.

The study, conducted by a team of scientists and experts in Sao Paulo, Brazil, found that cannabidiol was able to reduce pain from spinal cord injuries. Laboratory mice received placebo injections (placebo injections without real effect) and real injections before, three hours after and during six days after surgery in the spine. For further reading click here: New research: cannabis helps in treating spinal injuries

Smoking medical cannabis in pregnancy does not harm the fetus

Tests found that children who consumed marijuana during pregnancy were more alert, more emotionally stable, and more adaptable than children of women who did not consume cannabis. For further reading click here: "Marijuana Babies" - Smoking marijuana or cannabis during pregnancy does not harm the fetus.

Smoking Cannabis Medical does not harm health

A study published recently and concludes 20 years of research states: Smoking marijuana does not harm health. You can relax after a previous study has shown that smoking marijuana does not cause lung cancer. For further reading click here: New research says: Your lungs love marijuana.

Cannabis Medical reduces the risk of a heart attack

A new study funded by the US Department of Health found that mice who consumed cannabinoids (the active ingredients in cannabis) reduced the risk of heart attack in 50%. For further reading click here: "Marijuana bloom once a day and break up heart attacks in peace ..."

Is Cannabis Medical Addictive?

The most serious reference to the question of whether addictive marijuana was given in a book written and published in 2008 by Professor Leslie Iverson of the University of Cambridge in England. In the book, Professor Iverson describes an international study that has been conducted for several decades, including an examination in laboratories and the distribution of surveys and questionnaires on the subject. According to the results, 10 and 30 were significantly higher than those consuming marijuana and / or hashish Regularly, may develop a certain habit and only 9% will suffer from what is defined as "addiction." For further reading click here: Is marijuana addictive?

Can Cannabis Burns Brain Cells?

According to a study by the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada, the effects of marijuana on the brain are all harmless. For further reading click here: Marijuana brain - How cannabis increases the formation of cells in the brain.

Is cannabis suitable for animals?

Although there are not many studies of pet cannabis consumption, those that have been confirmed have confirmed the presence of cannabinoid receptors in the bodies of a wide variety of animals such as mice, pigs, dogs, monkeys, and more. The same studies also suggest that marijuana consumption can help animals cope with pain, nausea, anxiety and other neurological complications. For further reading click here: Is cannabis suitable for animals?

Cannabis medical treatment for autism

"When I hear about the threat to a breakthrough parent, from a doctor or doctors, my vocal cords immediately adjust to scream - these doctors are bastards. Right. It is not polite, but if a father or mother can, with the help of marijuana, save a child from the arms of autism, all we have to do is kiss their hands. And to find out urgently whether and how it works. For the sake of parents and other children.
Even if there is a sea of ​​doctors and the sea of ​​professors and tell me that no connection has been established between vaccines and autism, that is, a vaccine does not cause autism, statistically, tells them in a language reserved for a proctologist. I did see only one child with autism, but for me it was proof of the destruction of a whole world. This child was for me, statistically, one hundred percent. "- Dr. Aryeh Avni. For further reading click here: About Autism and Medical Marijuana - Testimony of an Israeli Physician.

Cannabis instead of Ritalin for people suffering from ADHD

"Marijuana is a better remedy for attention deficit disorder." According to pediatrician Claudia Jensen. Dr. Jensen recently published her findings from a study she conducted at USC, a study on ADHD. For further reading click here: Cannabis instead of Ritalin for people suffering from ADHD.

Cannabis Medical Treatment for Obesity

Smoking marijuana can burn calories, reduce blood cholesterol and neutralize fats in the liver. Get the healthiest, most effective, quickest and most pleasant diet you can ask for - a marijuana diet. For further reading click here: Cannabis is an effective treatment for obesity.

Cannabis Medical Treatment and Relief for Fibromyalgia Syndrome

Fibromyalgia is the Hebrew name for Fibromyalgia, also known as Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS), a syndrome that has been known and studied since the beginning of the 19 century. The term "fibromyalgia" was coined in 1976, meaning pain in muscle tissue. The term consists of the Latin word fibra, which means cell tissue, along with the Greek words mya - muscle and algos - pain. Muscle pain is defined as a syndrome, not a disease, because it is a medical condition characterized by a characteristic group of symptoms, and its physiological-pathological basis is unknown. Cannabis has been shown to be effective in treating and treating symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. Cannabis Medical Treatment and Relief for Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

Cannabis Medical Treatment for Pain

Painkillers produced by pharmaceutical companies today cause more deaths than those caused by heroin and cocaine combined. Cannabis is a healthy alternative that has already been demonstrated in various studies. For further reading click here: Cannabis for the treatment of pain - a danger to the painkiller industry.

Is Smoking Cannabis Medical Harmful to Driving?

These and other studies carried out over the years in a number of places around the world, including Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, the United States and England, have proven unequivocally that driving under marijuana does not harm driving and does not endanger the drivers or their environment! For further reading click here: Research shows: marijuana does not hurt driving. vice versa!

Does cannabis cause mental illness?

A common argument among cannabis opponents is that the use of the plant undermines mental stability and increases the chances of future schizophrenia. "The number of cannabis users has been steadily increasing in recent years, and the number of people suffering from schizophrenia has steadily declined."

Dr. Mashiach received the right to speak and explained that there is no connection between cannabis and psychosis, and that studies on the subject are clear, including among cannabis consumers in Israel.

Prescription drugs kill marijuana and a clinic

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