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Abarbanel Hospital

Address : KKL JNF 15, Bat Yam.
Distribution days and hours of operation : On Sundays between 14: 00-18: 00
In addition, the company provides delivery services to the home through The focus of lightning.

Cannabis medicinal strains

parentsIndicaSteevaQuantity of active substancecompositioneffectRecommended usage timesgeneral
The white varietyIndica Blitz
68% Sativa
32% Indica
THC medium
CBD High
White oil and white concentratedHearing aids, alertness, chronic and orthopedic pain, anti-depressant depression, attention deficit disorder, chronic fatigue and muscle spasms.For continuous use on a daily basisThe white variety is defined by many as "my medicine," the effect seeps into the body and softens the pain out of the body. Zen almost without a sense of hovering and without feeling confused.
Enter redDoubleGum
Master Kush
50% Sativa
50% Indica
THC is high
CBD Medium
Edom Chesed and Edom DinThe body and head effects are quite balanced, very pleasant to smoke, the law is more heavy and insomnia, calms and relieves in general, ideal for war dreams. The fragrant grace evokes joy of life, facilitates interpersonal communication.For both day and rest useCan be used for a long time without experiencing a decrease in effect
Enter the yellowAK47
Sour Diesel
77% Sativa
23% Indica
THC is very high
CBD Medium
Bright yellow and galvanizing yellowA strong, muscle-relaxing, relaxing, and appetite-stimulating variety, characterized by good thinking and cognitive ability, Sativa Classical, helping to fall asleep.For daily use at high volume or at night.Zen flowers are rich in crystals
The pink varietyG13
35% Sativa
65% Indica
THC is high
CBD Medium
Pink fluttering, and pink dancingAn airy variety with a strong effect, causes mild, appetizing drowsiness.For both day and rest use.Very airy flowers covered with hairs in all their circumference
Enter heatMichoacan
80% Sativa
20% Indica
THC is high
CBD is low
Warm heat and chocolate heatA strong strain, especially the head effect, is thought provoking, leaving the user lucid with a significant sense of levitation. It does not increase appetite, helps to relax, can fall asleep easily.For both day and rest use. (Although most patients are anesthetized)The flowers are hard and beautiful, light-colored with touches of light pink in the hair. Recommended for careful use After a thorough introduction, it is recommended to stay home after use.
Enter orangeHavana
Northen Lights
40% Sativa
60% Indica
THC is high
CBD is low
Orange bud, orange shivas, and orange mangoA strong breed, elevated in a significant mood.For use during rest hours.Works immediately, strong and happy
Enter the blueSkunk #1
Sharks Breath
80% Sativa
20% Indica
THC high CBD mediumTchelet Lele and Tchelet yieldA medical variety without side effects, has a significant cognitive effect, a rapid effect lasting over time.Especially for the hours of activity and duskRoyal and noble, delicate flowers compressed and juicy, helps to maintain a focus of thought.

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