Cannabis Medical Companies in Israel - Phones, Varieties and Reviews

Medical Cannabis, Medical marijuana, Maripuana... Many nicknames have been affixed to the cannabis plant authorized by a doctor, in order to separate it from the "normal" cannabis plant, which is considered illegal. In practice, there is no difference between the two and it is important to know this.

List of medical cannabis growers and suppliers in Israel

Full list of suppliers + list of varieties - In the new index:

In addition, there are hours of activity, contact details, phone numbers, email addresses, cannabis varieties and more.

ProviderאתרFacebook PageDuty to orderDistribution companyMain address for distributionPhone distributionPhone providerMain service providersFixed varieties
Tikkun isאיןTikkun OlamIbn Gabirol School of Medicine, Ziv Hospital, SafedThrough the supplier03-5445860Ilan \ DavidErez, Or, Eran Almog, Omer, Dorit, Barak, Al-Na, Alaska, Shira, Oz, Mango, Midnight, Zohar, Avidkel, Raphael
Great isאיןAdir Adir (former chief of staff)Avrabanel Hospital, KKL 15 Bat-Yam (6, right side)03-6594240054-6714769Liad \ Ariel \ UrielBlueberry, Shark, Diesel Barcelona, ​​Star Jack, PB, Fabiana, Hawaii
Better / Cannes isthere isAboveAvrabanel Hospital, KKL 15 Bat-Yam (6 building, left side)Through the supplier03-6355101Hagit \ Debbie \ BarakCHO, AK, AFG, SD, MAUI, WW, BB, PK, GOO, JHR, LSK, CHP isאיןCannabalisHadassah Hospital Ein Karem, Jerusalem (Day Care Department, Bone Marrow, 0)Through the supplier053-2832321MosesCannabis non-smoking products: THC and CBD oils: Green oil: normal / high-fat, high concentration black oil, capsules / normal / Forte / Forte Plus, cookies for children
Bush / perfume isthere isThe focus of lightningAvrabanel Hospital, KKL 15 Bat-Yam (6 building, left side)072-2211500077-4462480Einat \ AdinaWhite, Orange, Red, Yellow, Light Blue, Brown, Hawaii
A desire for isthere is072-2700777 or Watsap Message: 054-9906467Avrabanel Hospital, KKL 15 Bat-Yam (6 building, left side)072-2211500072-2700777NaamaRuby, name, amber, quartz, diamond
IMC - EMC isthere isThe focus of lightningAvrabanel Hospital, KKL 15 Bat-Yam (6 building, left side)072-2211500077-4442384Ronnie / ShirleyDQ, SPT, PB, AO, LD, HADAS, CM, KK, EA
PhramocanParmocanthere isאיןParmocanAbarbanel Hospital, KKL JNF04-9533757052-5929494RoyMegiddo, Jerusalem, Jericho, Ella, Golan, Scooby, Bland isthere isThe focus of lightningAvrabanel Hospital, KKL 15 Bat-Yam (6 building, left side)050-6336155Not famousrejuvenationAK47, JH, WR, SHARK, JHR, TOF, NL

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