THC It is the main active ingredient in the cannabis plant. Although it is only one of the dozens of cannabinoids present in the plant, it is considered to be the only one that causes psychoactive effects (Stella) - although for other cannabinoids in the plant, CBD, Plays an important role in balancing and moderating this psychoactive effect.

THC is a powerful painkiller. Beyond that, it has a variety of medical benefits in treating various diseases, including multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Tourette Syndrome, AIDS, and PTSD. Recent studies have shown that THC may also be an effective treatment for various types of cancer - and not just alleviate the symptoms of the disease as it was thought.

Studies have linked the use of THC, as well as alcohol and a variety of other drugs, to an outbreak of hidden mental illnesses such as schizophrenia in people with genetic susceptibility to the disease. Cannabis, however, contains CBD cannabinoids, which have a strong antipsychotic effect that probably reduces this potential hazard of THC.

THC is also marketed as a capsule drug under the name 'Marinol, But the use of the drug is sometimes accompanied by far more serious side effects than cannabis use - probably due to lack of CBD.