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Two months in prison for a combat medic who smoked cannabis at the base

IDF soldier (Photo: Haytham Ashtiyeh, Flash 90)

The soldier, who tried to commit suicide due to harsh scenes to which he was exposed in his service, confessed and was convicted of using cannabis inside and outside the army. The military court sentenced him to two months' imprisonment, a demotion to the rank of Private, and additional punishments. From: Pascadine site Military Court in Southern ...

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Court: Getting to know a drug user is not a pretext for searching

Invalid search cop

A judge of the Traffic Court in Hadera ruled that the acquaintance of a police officer with a citizen who knows that he is using drugs does not constitute a reasonable suspicion of a search for drugs. Following the ruling, the judge acquitted the resident of the city of a cocaine possession and traveling under the influence of cannabis. ...

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Bred 5 Cannabis seedlings - released without conviction

Small cannabis plants

Once again, the court releases without conviction a citizen who has grown cannabis plants for their own use, with the understanding that conviction may cause more harm than good. Judge Moran Margalit decreed the revocation of a license and only a ban on an 32 son who had grown Cannabis plants in his home. Justice Moran ...

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8 A month in prison for a cripple who sold medical cannabis

Medical Cannabis Joints

Eight months' imprisonment was imposed on a resident of Netanya, a disabled woman who receives licensed medical cannabis, after selling part of her cannabis to the Crohn family. "The court erred and punished a disabled woman and her small children," the defendant's lawyers claim. Disabled mother of children, arrested, sentenced and sent ...

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