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A complaint filed by Mahash against a policeman who arrested a disabled person for recording an illegal search

Officer Case Natour

Two weeks after the arrest of an 53 disabled person photographed by a police officer while conducting an illegal search on the Netanya beach, a complaint was lodged this morning with Mahash against the policeman. "This is a particularly violent policeman who is involved in another extreme case," said attorney Yaniv Peretz, who represents the case. Yoni Rokach, ...

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Invited 54 Cannabis seeds online - released without conviction

Cannabis seed packages from abroad

Ben 29 was arrested after ordering 54 seeds via the Internet, and in his house were also caught 9 g cannabis for own use. In his trial, he explained that cannabis helps him cope with epilepsy from which he suffers and the court was convinced that it would be better to avoid his conviction. In cooperation with the Pascadine website, ...

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Court: Medical cannabis does not exclude custody of children

Joint marijuana

A woman who separated from her husband demanded that the court give her full custody of the children, among other things, claiming that her husband is "addicted to drugs" because he uses medical cannabis. The judge rejected the claims and demands and charged her with court costs of NIS 30,000. The Court of ...

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Canabis reform harms patients - can they sue?

Tal-Or Mualem

A new pilot recently launched states that cannabis patients will purchase the drug at selected pharmacies and pay a full price, in contrast to the low price to date. This is a process that will be particularly hard for the weaker patients who consume large quantities of cannabis every month. ...

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Drove under the influence of cannabis and won: "No reasonable suspicion was raised"

Driving and cannabis - dangerous and above chance of accidents only combined with alcohol

The defendant was arrested following intelligence information received by the police and a urine sample was found that contained traces of cannabis. The court dismissed the examination because the prosecution did not prove that the intelligence information was current and did not present a "reasonable suspicion" in respect of which the driver was examined in the first place. In cooperation with the 'judgment' website, Justice Hagar ...

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