The UN will first examine the legality of global cannabis

The flags of the nations of the world at the UN

For the first time, the UN will soon examine the legality of cannabis and see if it is properly classified under international drug laws. "There is enough evidence to test the legality of cannabis," said the head of the World Health Organization. In December of last year the World Health Organization published ...

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Israeli weapons in the war against drugs

President of the Philippines Duarte with Israeli arms and roll

More than 2,200 Israeli-made weapons have been sold to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, which is responsible for the massacre of thousands of drug dealers, consumers and innocent civilians. President Duterte, who recently compared himself to Hitler and leads the massacre, will visit Israel next month. The company ...

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Without fines: From today in Georgia the use of cannabis is legal

Side Effects

A real non-incrimination: From today in Georgia it is legal and permissible to hold and consume cannabis at home without fear of incrimination or even fines, the Constitutional Court ruled yesterday. The growth and sale of cannabis will remain illegal and criminal offenses. The decision came after a petition by the Legalization ...

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UK approves Cannabis on prescription

Cannabis Medical UK

UK specialists will be allowed this fall to prescribe prescriptions for medical cannabis products at their professional discretion. Medical cannabis products that meet the required quality conditions will be lowered to the 2 level on the list of dangerous drugs and will be defined as medically beneficial. British Interior Minister Sajid Javid announced Thursday morning ...

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More property crimes and violence are resolved in countries that have authorized legalization - research

Rooftop police lights

Instead of pursuing cannabis consumers, police forces in countries that have legalized more resources and time to enforce real crimes. A new study found that in two countries that authorized legalization in the United States, there was a decline in the enforcement of cannabis offenses and an increase in the resolution of violence and property offenses. Every year, data are revealed that ...

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