Mistaken in the apartment: police were called to a violent incident - arrested a young man who raised cannabis

Small cannabis plants

An Israeli youth was arrested after police mistakenly knocked on the door of his apartment when they were summoned to deal with a domestic violence incident in the building in which he lived. When he opened the door, the policemen entered the apartment without a warrant and found small cannabis plants that he had grown for his own use. "criminal record ...

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Fraudsters were arrested for medical cannabis bags

Fake medical cannabis stickers

For the past six months, cannabis has been sold in the Israeli market in fake medical cannabis bags, which increase the value of the product only because of the appearance of a higher quality product. At the end of the week, the police arrested two Tel Avivians who were engaged in forging medical cannabis bags. In January of this year we uncovered ...

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Cops to the student: "Give 4 traders - or we will leave the parents"

Police (Photo: Flash 90)

Four police detectives jumped on a Thursday night to a private home garden in a community settlement in the south of the country, woke up the old occupants of the house and searched it, leaving behind messy rooms. Nothing was found in the search. White House, a student of 20 old with no criminal background, was offered a deal: Let us ...

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"You shout like a woman" - illegal search and violent arrest at the beach

Detention Officer Netanya Beach

A couple of French tourists who were staying at the beach in Netanya were harassed by a policeman who combed their wallets in contravention of the regulations in an attempt to find something illegal. A civilian who filmed the incident was arrested violently. "This is a violent policeman who has already been charged with Mahash," says a criminal expert. In the section ...

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