Cannabis in the IDF: "Everyone smokes - even the commanders"

Soldier smoking (Photo: Abir Sultan, Flash 90)

No less than 54 of IDF soldiers have smoked cannabis over the past year, and more than 40% smoked in the past month, according to an Epidemiological Survey conducted by the Israel Anti-Drug Authority. A reporter for Yedioth Ahronoth investigated and discovered that cannabis was more common in the army than ever. The percentage of cannabis use in Israel has reached ...

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Research: The use of telegram increased the consumption of cannabis in Israel

Buying Cannabis Telgram Israel

A study conducted by students from the Tel-Aviv-Jaffa Academic College found a fairly predictable figure: the use of the Telgerm application for discreet trade in cannabis increased, as did cannabis usage among consumers. The police failed completely in its attempt to stop the use of the Telgram application for trading in cannabis in Israel, and despite the declarations of its commanders ...

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Government bypass: new bill for the export of industrial cannabis

Cannabis Farm

When no solution is found in the background to allow the export of medical cannabis abroad, a private bill will be presented to the Knesset to allow farmers to produce and export "industrial" cannabis. According to the proposal, a legal CBD market will be established in Israel that will allow the growth, production and export of Cannabis without THC. ...

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