Amnon Yitzhak: "Cannabis - forbidden lust"

Amnon Yitzhak (Photo: Nati Shohat, Flash 90)

To the audience's question about the difference between alcohol and cannabis, Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak replied that alcohol is permitted only if cannabis is permitted only as a medical treatment. "If taken to be 'cloudy' then this is forbidden lust," he explained. In a lecture to students this week, Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak ...

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Quick Grass: Scratch cards to win the cannabis gift

Quick Grass Scratch Cards Cannabis

Hes-Gad Cannabis: A new marketing gimmick from the "Telematim" trading group, which distributes scratch cards to customers. "It's just a nice marketing step, our advantage is quality and service," says the group manager. Trading in the Telgram application in Israel is expanding ...

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Visit to Syria: "The Turks are destroying us with hashish"

Hanana Sarkis

8 months after the visit to Iraq, the magazine's emissary completes his postdasha campaign and reveals the Syrians' position on cannabis and how a prison cell appears in the Islamic state's prison. Rare documentation from the neighbor to the north, which will probably not approve legalization soon. A few months ago ...

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Reasons to Smoke Cannabis in Israel - Exhibition

If you lack the good reasons to light a joint, a new exhibition initiated by the subversive street artist Schroeder and his partner Dar Golan offers at least 100 such. The two sat and rolled 100 joints, and pasted them on pictures representing such good reasons. Last night (Monday) opened in Tel Aviv ...

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Urbanis: New Israeli Cannabis Fashion


An Israeli young man has created a new fashion brand entirely devoted to the culture of cannabis, urbanism, and the combination of them. In the meantime, he sells well in the Tel Aviv area, but hopes that the first "foggy herb" will arrive in every corner. Vitaly Jacob, an Israeli designer and entrepreneur, has been active for several years ...

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Cannabis Edition: A new Internet program on Facebook

Dafna Galpaz

A new internet program, which is from a photographed podcast, hosts a different interesting figure every week to talk about Cannabis and what is around. The conversation is filmed at the production house "TV Spaceship" and is broadcast live on Facebook. The first two chapters were thousands of hits. About two weeks ago, a new Internet program was launched that deals with ...

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The nephew of the Princess of England is a new breed of Zen Cannabis

Megan Merkel Prince Harry

In a month's time, the royal wedding will make former American actress Megan Merkel the princess of England. Her nephew, the Cannabis Tower by profession, decided to take advantage of the opportunity for public relations and announced that he was raising Zen cannabis in her name: "Merkel Sparkler." Tyler Dooley (25), her half-nephew ...

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Recommended places for smoking Cannabis in Tel Aviv

A sign of Schroeder's Cannabis area in Tel Aviv

When signs of the "Designated Smoking Area of ​​Cannabis" were published in Tel Aviv with the signature of the subversive street artist Schroeder, many understood that this was additional activity to raise awareness of the subject. Now it turns out that it was also part of mapping the most equal places to smoke Cannabis in the city. After a series of public campaigns in a variety of ...

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Kanashbetz - Cannabis crossword puzzle

Crossword puzzle

The first 50 to successfully complete the crossword puzzle and send it to us will be drawn: 420 Club Club, Greinder, Casson and more ... Those interested in participating in the lottery must complete the entire crossword puzzle and send to: admin@cannabis.org.il. City in the Netherlands 1. Indian Greeting Routine When ...

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Not just telegras: groups to buy cannabis in Israel

Substitutes for Telegras

Tellegras is indeed the largest and most widely known telegraph group for trading in cannabis, mainly thanks to the great exposure in the media, but it turns out that it is not the only one. Here are 7 Telegram groups and other popularity for sale and purchase of cannabis that you might not yet know. Due to the leakage of information from ...

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