Hydro stores are recommended (for purchase of growing equipment)

Hydro Shop is the first thing you need to find to start growing at home with a quality breeding system. Such systems can be found in specialty stores for cannabis growing equipment called 'Hydro Shops'. We have prepared a list of such stores that, to the best of our knowledge, are reliable and recommended to readers of the magazine.

Most consumers of cannabis think at some stage of the possibility of Cannabis growth is normal או Hydro growth, Of course, for three main reasons:

(1) price - For A small investment at first You can enjoy a lot of flowers that will guarantee us pleasure for a long time.
(2) Privacy - No one knows what you are doing in your spare time and there is no need to mingle with criminal elements.
(3) Health - There is no way of knowing how and how to spray the cannabis we received from the dealer. Personal growth at home allows to ensure the Quality and health of the product.

What is a "hydro shop" at all?
Even after we have made the decision to grow cannabis at home, there is knowledge and property that we need to achieve in order to achieve the best result. Although here on the site In various guides וIn professional forums You can find answers to all the questions and questions, but when you get to the action stage, of course Get to the store And purchase the necessary equipment.

For this purpose, Hydro stores have been established - unique growth stores specifically designed for those interested in growing Cannabis. They are machines "Hydro Shops"Or" Grow Shop "where you can find all the necessary equipment - along with personal advice - that relates to quality home growth.

However, before starting to buy, it is very important to recognize some of the most important emphases, such as it is highly recommended not to mention the word "cannabis" when buying. In short, you should read this: Tips for purchasing for the first time.

Hydro stores (Grew Shops) are recommended

Grow Shop

Gro Shop

The slogan: "Time to grow"
A prominent message: "The only store that allows express shipments from today to today and also outside the store's hours of operation"
Years of activity: 4
Branches: 1: through the Maccabim 54, Plutitzky 10, Rishon Lezion
Phone: 03-5601016

Hydro Garden

Hydro Garden

The slogan: "grow quietly hydroponic"
Prominent message: "discount for patients with medical license"
Years of activity: 6
Branches: 4: Petah Tikva Aharon Bart 2, Haifa Hanamal St. 46, Herzliya Kanfei Nesharim, Ilanot St., Kfar Saba Yad Harutzim 1 (opposite the post office)
Phone: 03-6209192

Integral Hydroponics

Integral Hydroponics

The slogan: "Just raise"
A prominent message: "In Israel, quality precedes any other factor"
Years of activity: 15
Branches: 6: Herzliya, Haifa, Kadima, Giv'atayim, Rishon LeZion, Petah Tikva
Phone: 09-9500816 (הרצליה) | 04-9500814 (Haifa) | 09-8348534 (Forward) | 03-5717157 (Givataim) | 03-5350336 (Rishon Lezion) | 03-5375525 (Petach Tikva)

Hydro Israel - Hydro Israel

Hydro Israel
Slogan: "We're starting to grow with Hydro Israel"
A prominent message: "The professional network for home-grown"
Years of activity: 3
Branches: 3Eliahu Shamir Rimon 1, Even Yehuda Pomegranate 1, Starya.
¤ : 1700-700-980

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