בית / Cannabis growth - everything you wanted to know and did not dare to ask

Cannabis growth - everything you wanted to know and did not dare to ask

All you need to know about growing cannabis at home or outside - on one page arranged by theme. It's easy to browse and browse - everything you wanted to know and you did not have anyone to ask.

Before all, growing cannabis is a fun hobby that does not need much to learn how to apply it. In the end, it is a plant like any other plant, which loves good sunlight, good clean water, and warm, nice earth to lengthen roots.

However, in light of various prohibitions and the specific risk involved in some countries, domestic growth has developed - without sunlight, but with bulbs and sometimes without land, but on water, so called hydro.

Any method of growing cannabis ever thought of, any tip for quality growth ever written, and any information you will ever need to grow a beautiful and yielding plant in your home - is here neatly divided into a detailed table of contents.

Of course, in any case, it is possible to receive assistance and support the processes Here in the forum.

Home growing

External growth

Soil and growing beds


Fertilizer and nutrition

Hydroponics and detached growth

Harvesting, drying and aging



Tips and ideas

Techniques and methods of growth


Pests, problems and diseases

Rash and sexuality

Hashish and extracts