Dictionary of concepts of complete cannabis - from A to Z

Like any other content world, the world of cannabis contains a large number of slang, concepts, and keywords that need to be recognized. From CBD, Dub and Trichomes to diffuses and water pipes, these are all the basic cannabis concepts you should know:

Like any other content world, the world of cannabis contains a number of basic concepts and keywords that need to be recognized, some more famous as "hash" or "THC" and some less. Have you heard about CBD? What is a decoder and diffuser? What is BHO? Here are all the basic cannabis concepts you should know:


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Outdoors - "Outdoor growth" or "outdoor growth" is the cultivation of cannabis plants under the area, under the sunlight and without artificial lighting.

mom and dad - A cannabis product that "has a father and mother" is one that has responsibility, and can be returned to the merchant if not satisfied with it.

Air stone - a stone with holes through which air is pushed from a tight air pump. An air stone is used to grow cannabis using the hydro method. It is located at the bottom of the water tank where the plant sits and its function is to squeeze oxygen bubbles into the roots of the plant. It can be obtained in any one From the elite growth stores.

Agonist - In pharmacology, an agonist is a substance that binds to a particular receptor in the human body and activates it. THC, for example, is an agonist that binds to CBNNUMX and CB1 receptor receptors and activates them.

Stamens - The male reproductive organ in the flower. "Pollinates" the female flower and fills it with seeds. Consists of: anther - an organ made up of chambers, including pollen sacs, a filament - an elongated organ that carries the struggle and lifts it above the flower bed.

Growing tent - A portable cabinet made of light-isolating materials for growing plants in a house or in a closed place.

Edibles - Food, food and drink, containing active cannabis components.

automatic Cannabis automatic, or 'automatic cannabis strain' that undergoes a biological process of "genetic mixing" and ensures growth and short flowering, regardless of the number of light hours exposed to it as "ordinary" cannabis plants.

An ounce - A common weight in the US equivalent to 28.3 grams. Is considered to be an acceptable weight for cannabis bags as well as for laws permitting retention of up to 1 AONS (oz).

organic - Organic growth is an increase in which the use of disinfectants, fertilization, pest control and so on.

Evaporation - Process of producing steam when using a vaporizer.

Non-incrimination - "Criminalization" - a procedure in which the laws of incrimination of cannabis consumers are abolished and replaced by administrative punishment only, such as a fine. 30 countries in the world have confirmed non-incrimination. Israel is not one of them.

Aisleitor - another name for bubble hashish.

Indor Closed camera growth. Refers to growing plants under lamps often in a controlled climate that results in accelerated growth and dense dense inflorescences

Indica - one of the three main cannabis strains, along with Sativa and Rodralis. Indica plants are characterized by their low height compared to the "Sativa" and their effect is considered "heavier" than the other varieties is felt mainly in the body and not in the head.

Amsterdam - the global capital of cannabis lovers. There are hundreds of coffee shops in its territory - legal cannabis shops.

Endocannabinoids - Cannabinoids that are naturally produced in the human body. The main one is called anandamide.

Andrew Mellon - Secretary of the US Treasury Department of the beginning of the 20 century. A shareholder in the chemicals company DuPont, which has registered patents on plastic and nylon. Was considered one of the most prominent causes of cannabis removal from the law after he appointed Harry Anslinger to the position of Director General for Drug Control and initiated with him the series of propaganda films "Reaper Madness."

Epidiolax A drug with cannabidiol (CBD) is administered orally. The FDA has approved its use for two rare types of epilepsy - the Lenox-Gasteau syndrome and the Drwa syndrome.

Effect of entourage - nickname To the synergy effect Which acts among the active substances in the plant (cannabinoids and terpenes), with which the various effects and properties of cannabis are created.

finger - A slang for a piece of hash weighing 5-10 grams.

Four and Twenty (420) - from the "code" of cannabis consumers. Cannabis Day events are held on 20 in April (420). It is common practice to light a joint at 4: 20. The source of the term is from a group of Grateful Dead students who have gathered after school to sit down, smoking Cannabis together.

aroma - the professional name given to the characteristic smell that distinguishes each of the different cannabis varieties. Since aroma is not a precise and measurable concept, the aroma usually describes general lines of aromas that characterize the variety as "spicy," "fruity," and so on.


Bud - English slang for the Cannabis (Buds). This nickname is often used for names and slogans of companies and different cannabis products.

Bud Truck - Just like Berman sells and advises the process of purchasing cannabis in the store.

Buzz - The feeling of "high" caused by the use of cannabis.

Bong Water pipe used to smoke cannabis. Usually made of glass or plastic. With a main pipe for inhaling the smoke, a water tank for filtering the smoke and a tube ("test tube") in its head light the cannabis mixture.

Act - "Aquarius" in English - a slang term for smoke inhalation of cannabis using vacuum.

Baggie - A small transparent bag for storing cannabis.

Bhang - Indian drink containing yogurt and cannabis. The drink has a strong psychoactive effect and is considered a saint in the Hindu religion.

boom - or "Boom Boleynat" - a traditional Indian greeting uttered after smoke inhalation from Cholom - the traditional Indian smoking instrument.

Boof "A small piece of hashish."

Blunt - A big joint that looks like a thin cigar. Cannabis flowers are rolled up in dried tobacco leaves. Blunt is widely used in the United States.

Confused - A sense of confusion and lack of concentration caused by the inhalation of abnormal amounts of cannabis or other drugs.

Man - a slang term for "dealer," a merchant of cannabis.

Benny Short nickname for Bang.

Batz - A little piece of Cannabis flower.

Cross - a term for a hybrid plant Cannabis, created by hybridizing another hybrid with one of its "genetic" parents, also known as BX. For example, if strain A is made up of a genetic combination of species B and C. The genetic combination between A and B will yield backcross.

BHO - Cannabis extract with Butane Hash Oil.


Ganja - the nickname for cannabis in Jamaica and India

Jaras (Charas) - Indian hashish produced after rubbing a fresh plant between the hands and drying the resin left in the palm of the hand.

cup - For the unmanaged eye, cannabis flowers look like a tangled leaf, but the cup is what actually makes up the female flower. Under the tiny leaves and the crystals on the flower (Sugar Leaves, sugar leaves) you can see lumps of compressed tissue, these are the cups, and they come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Cups usually contain high concentrations of trichomes, resin glands that secrete THC and other cannabinoids.

Joint - A slang for a Cannabis Casket rolled with a cardboard filter in paper. The original nickname refers to a cigarette made entirely of cannabis, a joint containing tobacco called the Ripper.

Jerusalem Joint - an ordinary cigarette that is emptied of its contents and replaced by a cassava or cannabis.

Johnny Joint.

Genetics - The hereditary data of a Cannabis strain or seed that was naturally obtained from the mother and the father.

גראס - "Herb" in English. An old slang for Cannabis.

Greinder - Grind, grinder, used to crumble cannabis flowers.

guerrilla - "Guerrilla cultivation" or "Guerrilla gardening" is a nickname for growing cannabis in public space.


Dove Slang to slangCannabis extract of high concentration, Which usually comes as wax or butter (DAB).

DarkNet - 'Dark Web', a nickname for a hidden part of the Internet where illegal activities such as drug trafficking take place. The use of encrypted browsers and digital currencies such as Bitcoin protects the identity of users of the dark network, but it is not absolute protection and legal authorities around the world have previously been able to raid drug sites in the dark network such as the Silk Road and close them.

De-carboxylation - Process of decomposition of active substances in cannabis - cannabinoids / terpenes - due to exposure to high heat. Each component is "decomposed" or "released" at a different temperature. This process is a must when you want to enjoy the effects of cannabis and without this process cannabis does not have a psychoactive effect.

mandrake - "worm" in Arabic - a nickname for "hunger" or an urgent desire to smoke cannabis.

Du Pont - a French arms company originally and today one of the largest chemical companies in the world. Has registered patents for the manufacture of plastic, nylon, polyester and wood paper and its owners are considered to be the ones who pushed for cannabis removal from the law in 1937 for the economic reasons of competition in the "hamp" industrial cannabis that until then had been used to produce ropes, paper and plastic.

Dime Quantity of Cannabis in the US purchased for 10.

Dispensary Legal cannabis shop in the US.

Diffuser - An external device for BBQ that helps in the filtering and cooling of smoking. The diffuser, designed as a closed but perforated tube, replaces the tube of the tube, and the small holes break up the smoke into small bubbles in contact with the water, which gives cooler and more filtered smoke, similar to the percolator.

On - A person under the influence of drugs.

fertilizer - a mixture that is added to the soil or water in which plants are grown for reinforcement and improvement.


Harry Anslinger - the man to whom the responsibility for removing the cannabis from the law was attributed to 1937 in the United States, as well as the UN Convention on the Prohibition of Possession and Trade in Marijuana and hashish. He was appointed by Andrew Mellon as the first drug control officer in the United States and embarked on a long war that included propaganda, distortion of data and research, and the falsification of lies such as "marijuana causes white women to sleep with niggers" and so forth.

Echo shop A shop that sells accessories for cannabis consumption.

Hotbox - Smoking Cannabis in a small, closed space, like a car, to fill the space with as much smoke as possible and get stoned by breathing the smoke in the air. The effectiveness of the method to strengthen the effect of smoking is unclear.

Hybrid (hybrid) - Hybrid Cannabis strain is a strain created through genetic hybridization between two different strains. Due to the progress of science and genetic hybridization capabilities, many of the new species being developed today are hybrid varieties.

Hydro (hydroponics) - a general name for growing plants in a system based on water and not on soil, where the roots of the plants absorb the nutrients directly from the water. Hydro has become a synonym for home-grown cannabis, although most of these crops are made in pots with soil.

Hi (High) - a nickname for the stimulant effect of cannabis, especially with THC cannabinoid rich in psychoactive effect.

Haze Cannabis strains are usually Sativa cultivars with a stimulating and psychoactive effect, in contrast to the Kush varieties.

The endocannabinoid system - a nervous system in the body located in the brain, bones, digestive organs, and more, and contains cannabinoid receptors.

Maple (Hemp) - a plant of the cannabis family that contains other genetic properties and does not contain THC. Hemp is used as raw material for dozens of industries and can be produced from it Thousands of different products Such as ropes, fabrics, fuel and more.

upside down - slang term for a person under the strong influence of drugs.

Screenings - a process in which medical cannabis is exposed to ionizing radiation to destroy bacteria, mold spores, and pests. The use of radiation therapy is done in order to meet the microbiological cleaning standard required by the Ministry of Health or other bodies that are responsible for the medical cannabis industry in the various countries. Some of the cannabis for recreational purposes, in countries where it is legal, undergoes radiation therapy.

Hermaphrodite Cannabis plants with mixed genetics (male and female), which also produce male cannabis (pollen) and female cannabis (for consumption). On the basis of which the female cannabis strains were developed - seeds with more than 95% chance of blooming as females.

implantation - The use of cannabis "pureing" to grow a whole plant.


Weed - "Weed" in English - also commonly used in Hebrew for cannabis.

Vidigarian - a nickname for a girl who only goes out with licensees for medical cannabis or access to cannabis (Reference - "Goldigery").

Wake & Bike (Wake and Bake) - a slang term for cannabis consumption in the morning.

William Randolph Hearst - the tycoon of the American Yellow Press who, a hundred years ago, wrote to Andrew Mellon and Harry Anslinger and published propaganda ads against Cannabis and his consumers. Is considered one of the most prominent factors for the removal of cannabis from US law in 1937.

Viperizer / Vaporizer - a device designed for cannabis consumption by evaporation method, in which the flowers are heated to a relatively low temperature, in which the active substances evaporate. In this method cannabinoids are given for optimal consumption, and is considered more healthy than smoking.

Venta - A fan used to grow domestic cannabis in a growing tent. To encourage air movement within the tumor cavity and prevent moisture.


Inexpensive - A relaxed area or area where you sit smoking Cannabis.

glass - Another slang for the tube.

Zen cannabis - The term "cannabis strain" can refer to the three "ancestral strains" - Sativa, Indica, and Rodralis. He can also refer to the "Map" variety. But the main use of the term "cannabis varieties" is the tens of thousands of nicknames given to "cannabis lines" such as White Widow, Purple Hays, Durban Puison, Blue Dream, and more.

Automatic Seed - Cannabis automatic sperm is a seed that has undergone a biological process of "genetic mixing" with Rodralis and ensures growth and short flowering, regardless of the number of hours of light exposed to it as "ordinary" cannabis plants.

Seed of Israel The first cannabis seeds store in the world in Hebrew

Female sperm (Feminized) - Female cannabis seeds are seeds that, by means of genetic hybridization with hermaphrodite, give 95 a chance of developing a female plant. Since cannabis is the one that produces the smoky inflorescence, these seeds are widely used, especially in domestic growers.

Normal seed - Cannabis seed that is not known for its sexuality. (50-50) for the development of male or female sperm.


Chassab - A slang term for low-level cannabis.

scion - A thin stick used to open and clean the "test tube" in the "bang" from the remains of burnt cannabis.

shirt - A nickname for a hash plate. A pot of hash contains 9-11 "hash" fingers, about 100 grams on average.

Heat - a nickname for hashish after its color.

Active Ingredient - Usually refers to the amount of cannabinoids THC in the cannabis cluster. However, "active ingredients" can refer to any of the cannabinoids as well as to the predators.

Growing space - The closed area or area where cannabis plants are grown. A breeding space can be a dedicated tent, a converted wardrobe, or a small room that is intended to grow cannabis.

Hamsa - the nickname for the famous fan-men of cannabis. Usually have 5, 7 or 9 fingers fanned. In addition to the name of a well-known brand of hashish.

greenhouse - Greenhouse or greenhouse growth is another term for cannabis grown outdoors.

hashish - one of the best known cannabis products, originally from Morocco and Afghanistan. There are several different types of hash like Bubble hash וKeefe Produced by different methods, but as a rule is made of potash of floral or extra parts of the plant.


tobacco - A plant used for smoking after drying, usually in cigarettes. Cannabis consumers tend to mix the grilled cannabis flowers with a little tobacco (a "cassese" mixture) to save or to have a smaller effect of cannabis.

Tula - a unit of measure acceptable in India to Geras. About 10 on average, like the "finger" of hashish.

toast - You lit a cigarette gently to dry the tobacco mixture. The purpose of the operation is to enable a thinner and more dense "ivy".

Tetra-hydrocannabinol (THC) - the most well-known cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis, and is best known as the THC abbreviation. It was first discovered by Prof. Rafael Meshulam In the 60, and today its concentration is considered one of the most important parameters in the quality of produce.

Tincture - Cannabis extract and alcohol.

Telegrams - Call a network of chat groups in the Telegram message application. This application works like Watsapp, but comes from Russia and allows for total anonymity. Along with groups where cannabis can be purchased by delivery to the house, there are also support groups and forums in a variety of subjects from the world and cannabis culture, especially of young people.

TrichomesThe resin follicles Grown on cannabis flowers, containing the highest concentration of active ingredients in the plant. This resin (called "Kief" when dried) is secreted through semi-transparent glands in the form of fungi, which are found on leaves, stems, and stems. Trichomes originally evolved to protect the plant from animals, pests, and natural conditions. These transparent capsules secrete aromatic oils called terpenes, as well as cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. The basis of cannabis production depends on these trichomes and their strong sugar-like resin.

Trimming - The action of cutting the excess leaves in a Cannabis flower after it was picked and before it was transferred to the drying process.

Trip Psychedelic experience. A "trip" deep in consciousness after taking psychoactive substances.

Terrapens - Flavoring aromatic compounds that are found in each flower and also help to strengthen the effects of the cannabis plant, and act synergistically with cannabinoids (the substances active in the plant) to create its many effects and properties.


crop - The amount or weight of cannabis flowers obtained after the growth cycle.

dryness - When the supply of cannabis is over.

Drying - Process of drying Cannabis flowers after harvested.

Squeeze - "vegetative reproduction" - growing cannabis plant with a branch of cannabis from another plant, without the use of seeds and germination.

Aging - Storage of Cannabis flowers after harvest and after drying process under special conditions for days to weeks - in order to bring it to optimal condition.

Vegetable / green - a nickname for Cannabis.

meeting - A nickname for smoking cannabis with friends.


Because - a source of "organization" on Cannabis.

fun - or kif - a nickname for the cannabis trichomonas separated from the flower itself - are used to make pressing hashish.

tool - a common term for "bang".

Aphids Insect pests in the cannabis plant.


legalization - Regulation of the cannabis market in law, including the sale of cannabis in legal shops.

Led (LED) Light-emitting diode (LED) is a diode that passes through an electric current through which it emits light in a narrow spectrum. Diodes of this type are the main component of LED lamps, and they are also found in cell phones, television displays, computer monitors, and other devices. LEDs are considered to be much more energy efficient and do not heat up like HPS bulbs. In recent years, LED technology has improved and companies are producing special light bulbs for high-quality cannabis growth.

Topple a head - a nickname for inhaling cannabis smoke through the "bang" using the whole mixture in one inhalation.

humidity - The percentage of water in the growing area where the cannabis plants are located.


Food of Edibles - a generic name given to any Cannabis product intended for consumption through the digestive system. Usually foods will be as simple as cookies or sweets, but can be prepared Many recipes Using raw materials containing cannabis extract.

Manchies - Excessive appetite attack. A phenomenon that is usually associated with high cannabis consumption.

test tube - A metal tube used as part of the "Bang" and its head lights the "kasa" (cannabis mixture) for smoking.

Monroek Cannabis flower dipped in cannabis oil and coated with tricos.

Pests Insects or aphids that damage the growth of a cannabis plant.

Light cycle - The number of lighting hours given to cannabis plants in a closed room. The growth phase provides light cycle of 18 light hours and 6 dark hours. At the flowering stage provide light cycle of 12 light hours and 12 dark hours.

Fresh Cannabis Juice - Juice derived from the fresh cannabis plant after its velvet. This juice contains Many health benefits But does not contain a psychoactive effect.

Player - a nickname for "bang".

Manayek - a derogatory term for the police.

stoned - Anyone under the influence of drugs.

A breeding ground - The material in which cannabis plants are grown. Substrate growth can be soil, coconut fiber, mineral wool or water (hydroponic growth).

Water pipe - the correct term for the "bang" smoking device.

Marry Jane - Marijuana.

מריחואנה - the most commonly known slang for the cannabis plant, given to them by the US government in 1937, where the ban on the plant began. Although the term describes only plant flowers, it became the most familiar name for the cannabis plant in Israel.

Marinol (Or "dronabinol") - a prescription drug in the form of capsules, the active ingredient of which is cannabinoid THC - the main active ingredient in the cannabis plant and the one responsible for the sense of "stalemate" it causes. The THC in marinol is synthetically produced and is not derived from cannabis. Some countries have approved cannabis-based drugs such as marinol, but not medical cannabis in its natural form.

Maripuana Medical Marijuana.


Nag - Nug, an American nickname for Cannabis flower. Like "Bud".

Nappas - an old nickname for grass or hashish.

nice guy - a term for a mixture of dry leaves that have been impregnated with synthetic cannabinoids. Synthetic cannabinoids are often much stronger than natural cannabinoids like THC, and their side effects More serious.

rolling paper - Rice paper, muff, etc. designed for rolling joints.

germ - When Cannabis seed is found in a particularly moist environment, it "sprouts" and becomes a "germ." The germ is placed in a growth medium.

Growing bulb - Shot to grow cannabis. The HPS bulb is most commonly used to grow mainly to the flowering stage. These bulbs produce a "warm light" which (along with changing the light times) is a kind of "trigger" for the hormonal change that occurs in a plant that encourages it to produce flowers. North metal halide (MH) is used mainly for the growth phase and produces a "cold light" that encourages cannabis to grow in a more "dense" manner, thus preventing it from being too long. The LED has a similar effect only that it does not heat up and is very economical in electricity.

falling - Slang nickname for cannabis acquisition disappointing.


Slag / sushi - A person who is not under the influence of cannabis. In recent years, he has become a derogatory term for those who go with the current and refrain from challenging activity. Conformists. The source of the word has two main interpretations: one is that the term in Arabic means "alert" - that is, the opposite of "mastol". A second interpretation given to him is the acronym for "Just a Dry Friend".

Sativa - one of the three main cannabis varieties. The Sativa plants, which originate mainly in the Asian continent, are known to be relatively higher than "indica" and with their elevated effect, which is felt mainly in the head and not in the body.

Satella / Sutol - the intoxicating effect of cannabis.

Safi - a piece of cloth wrapped around the opening of Chillum's inhalation and used as a filter. Widely used in India. Safi is also the name of a brand of Aloe Vera juice sold in Israel, whose small hard bottle is considered ideal for making a bong.

Siddur - A cure for urinary tract infection. Cannabis smokers use it before a urine test to clear urine from the metabolites of THC and pass the test.

Stash - A nickname for the amount of cannabis in the possession of a person.

Stoner - "Stellen" in English.

Stevens Cannabis - based drug in the form of oral spray containing the THC: CBD ratio of 1: 1. Is manufactured by the British pharmaceutical company GW Pharmaceuticals and marketed in Israel by Neopharm. Some countries have approved the use of cannabis-based drugs such as stevex and marinol, but not the use of natural cannabis in its natural form.

Stilla - eye drops. Cannabis consumers use it to mask the redness of the eyes as a result of smoking.

Stellen - a derogatory term for those under the influence of cannabis.

Drugs - A generic term for substances that have an intoxicating effect, including cannabis, alcohol, prescription drugs, heroin, cocaine, and other substances such as LSD.

Sinsemilla - a female cannabis flower that contains no seeds.

Spice Cookies - Cannabis or cannabis cookies.

Splip - a nickname for a small joint / joint name mixed with tobacco.

Skunk - a nickname for cannabis strains with a very strong smell. "Stinking." (Skunk = "skunk" in English).

Sesh - a nickname for "sitting." Cannabis consumption with friends.


Hash cookies - a nickname for cookies that contain cannabis components and cause an intoxicating effect.

Red eyes A side effect of increased cannabis use is redness in the eyes.

pestle (Pistil) - small red-orange hairs emerge from the cups; These hairs are called "Ali", and their function is to collect pollen from males. The pestle begins in white and grows along with yellow, orange, red and brown as the plant grows. Ali has an important role to play in reproduction, but contrary to what many think, he has very little influence on the strength of the flower or its taste in smoking.

moth Insect pests in the cannabis plant.

grass "Wade" - a nickname for Cannabis.


Puff Puff Pass - When sitting with friends to smoke cannabis group, it is customary to take two aspirants and move the joint. Puff, another puff, then a pass.

Farsh - a nickname for tobacco or a mixture without psychoactive effect, which is added and mixed with Cannabis Gross.

A dry mouth Another side effect of increased cannabis use is oral dehydration.

Photosynthesis - "assimilation" in Hebrew - a process used to produce energy and organic compounds. Plants perform photosynthesis with the help of sunlight.

Faisal - a nickname for a very large joint.

Pape - "Pipe" in English.

Filter - A piece of paper or sponge that is in the joint's mouth and whose purpose is to filter or remove the focus of the fire from the mouth while inhaling smoke.

Carbon filter - Air filter containing coal and intended for use in the growing area.

Pita - Another nickname for the hash plate.

Fluorescent - bulb suitable for use at the beginning of cannabis growth but not sufficient for more advanced stages.

She spat - A nickname for 100 made hash. Similar to the shirt. The palette contains 9-11 "hash" fingers.

Phenotype - The physical expression of a genetic trait in the organism. Skin color for example is a phenotype which is determined by an appropriate genotype but influenced by environmental conditions.

flower Cannabis Flower.

Psychoactive Psychoactive effect is the sense of "hi" caused by cannabis. Most of the psychoactive effect comes from THC cannabinoid.

Dangerous Drugs Ordinance - an order adopted by the Government of Israel from the time of the British Mandate in Palestine. The Ordinance determines the illegality of the cannabis plant and its active ingredients, and defines the penalties prescribed by law against any person who is perceived as a holder, grower or seller of cannabis.

paranoia - a feeling of anxiety and anxiety that is sometimes caused by the excessive use of cannabis in some consumers.

Percolator - An additional water tank in the "bang" that enables second filtration of the smoke in the water. The percolator is inside the bang itself, and during the smoke inhalation, the first filtration is carried out in the water at the bottom of the bungee, through a second filter tube of the perpulator, and out of the bang's mouth.


Charas - See Jaras - Indian hashish produced after rubbing fresh cannabis flowers.

cliff - A hole in the bang that aims to provide clean air into the device for easier inhalation of smoke into the lungs.

Photo - A ceramic cone tube used for the consumption of jeras. At the entrance to the chocolate place "Safi" and at the end of the mixture to smoke. Inside the cholom tube there is a stone that prevents the passage of the "helmet" to the other side.

Tsingla - a slang term for a small joint.

photographer A nickname for an undercover cop.

Mother plant - a nickname for the main cannabis plant on the farm, from which the "cuttings" are drawn - branches used for planting a new plant without the need for seeds.


cooperative - a general name for economic and ideological association designed to safeguard the interests of a particular target audience. Spain, Alaska and other countries Cannabis Clubs Many act as cooperatives and help patients get the medicine they need.

Voice - "Cool", not "Sachi".

Her voice - or inflorescence, is the area where dense female flowers bloom. The central cola is formed at the top of the plant, while smaller sounds are formed along the flowering sites in the lower regions. You can increase the number and size of your voices using tumor techniques such as LST and ScrOG binding.

RECEPTOR RECEPTORS - cannabinoid receptors present in the body as part of the endocannabinoid system. The receptors are divided into two main groups: CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Kupishops - Canabis legal shops that allow the consumption of material in the premises of the store itself, as in Amsterdam and soon in Alaska.

Kush - a general name for Cannabis Indica strains originating in the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan, usually characterized by dense thick flowers, strong taste and powerful psychoactive effect. For example: 'Purple Kush' and 'O Gosh'. This is in contrast to Hayes, mainly Sativa.

Small - slang for a small joint.

Clipping - Cutting on it or branches of the cannabis plant in order to make it grow new branches.

Keefe - or fun - a nickname for the cannabis trichomonas separated from the flower itself - are used to make pressing hashish.

Clonex Implantation hormone.

Judaica - another slang for a pot of hashish.

cannabis - a plant of the Canabian family and a relative of the hopshot, which contains many medicinal properties and is used for a variety of different purposes. Today there are many varieties of the plant, but they are divided into three main varieties: Sativa, Indica and Rudralis.

Medical Cannabis Cannabis is licensed under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.

Kanapadia Israel Cannabis Medical Association

Cannabinoids - The main active ingredients in the cannabis plant, which are responsible for its various medicinal effects and medicinal properties. The most famous cannabinoids are THC and CBD, but as science progresses, more cannabinoids are revealed.

Cannabidiol (CBD) Central cannabinoids in the plant Its various medical effects Began to be exposed in recent years Her story Of the epileptic girl Charlotte Piggy. Today, CBD concentration has been thought to be one of the most important parameters in the quality of produce.

Canabigrol (CBG) - a main cannabinoid that exists almost exclusively in the young plant and is considered the "father of all cannabinoids" since almost all of the cannabinoids in the plant actually evolved from its chemical structure. CBG has a tendency to disintegrate easily and become a different cannabinoid, so it is usually found in small quantities.

Cannabinol (CBN) - Cannabinoids, which is actually the oxidation product of THC, meaning that it is a direct result of the deterioration of THC in cannabis and is therefore found in very small amounts in fresh plant. The CBN is known to be responsible for approximately 10% of the plant's psychoactive effect.

Cannabicuramine (CBC) Cannabinoids are anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-depressant and encourage the development of new brain cells (neurogenesis). Until recent years, it was thought to exist in the plant in minimal amounts, but recent studies suggest that it may have been mistakenly identified as CBD in the past.

Cassese - Cannabis mixed, sometimes combined with tobacco or tobacco substitute.

Casson - a small bowl used to mix crushed cannabis flowers - cassava - with or without tobacco or tobacco substitute.

harvesting - The process of harvesting cannabis at the end of the flowering stage and before the drying and aging stage.

Cross Genetic mixing of two different cannabis species.

Kronik - a slang term for high quality cannabis.

Cannabis cream - a general name for medical cannabis products designed for the application and absorption through the skin, usually for the treatment of diseases such as dermatitis and even for the treatment of painful muscles. Due to limited absorption, such products do not provide psychoactive effects.

R '

head - The opening of the "test tube" in the bang where the gross cannabis is filled, or the feeling of euphoria caused by smoking cannabis ("I grabbed my head").

Quarter - Short for a quarter of a pot of hash (about 25 grams).

Rodralis - the "savage" cannabis strain that in the past was not considered cannabis for consumption because it contained few active substances, but today its genetics is used in the production of 'Automatic varietiesWhich bloom according to age and not according to lighting cycles.

Rizla - a company that manufactures rolling papers. Over the years, the brand has become known as the general slang for all rolling papers.

Reaper Madness - Reefer Madness is a series of propaganda films from the US of the last century. The series was produced to prevent the use of cannabis, which has been declared a dangerous drug that leads to insanity, suicides and murder.

Rick Simpson - named after RSO oil - extraction of cannabis components using alcohol.


Shatter - A slang nickname for Dove or BHO hash oil. Shater is also called Ace in the US.

A yacht Aspiration of Joint.

Schwag - A slang term for low-level cannabis.

Shotgun - Shotgun in "cannabis" is an act in which one person exhales cannabis smoke to the mouth or mouth of another. there is 3 main methods Do it right.

chocolate - slang nickname for hashish.

Stinker Slang to the linguist.

washing - a process in which large quantities of water are poured through the growth medium in which the cannabis plant is located - in order to clean the soil from fertilizers and other materials.

Hash oil (BHO) - Butane Hash Oil and contains a high concentration of THC. Like oil or cannabis extract for medicinal purposes, this oil is produced by dissolving hashish in a high concentration alcoholic product, and can be prepared at home as well.

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) - Cannabis oil derived from the extraction of active ingredients in cannabis with alcohol.

resin - the sticky substance that contains the concentration of cannabinoids of cannabis and is produced in tricosomes.


Strawberries - a nickname for high-quality cannabis flowers.

Period flourished - the last stage in the life cycle of the cannabis plant. During this stage the female plant ignores most of its energy for the production of the inflorescence, and after it, it exhales and dies. The length of this period varies between different types of cannabis.

essence - a generic name given to each type of extraction extracted from the cannabis plant, usually the same meaningCannabis oil. Several extracts like Rick Simpson oil (RSO) are used for medical purposes, but also Cannabis cooking oil Actually considered Cannabis extract, Ric Simpson oil (RSO) and more.

bulk Shake - A slang term for the cannabis crumbs that remain at the bottom of the bag or jar, as distinct from whole flowers. Some traders sell bulk at a significantly reduced price, and some make joints and sell them. A quality scattering will contain only floral crumbs, a less high-quality scattering will also contain petals and a poor scattering will also contain shredded fan leaves as thinning.

rash - the medical name for female cannabis flowers, more commonly known as 'marijuana' slang. Inflorescence is the part of a plant that contains most of the active ingredients.

Prohibition - a nickname for years during which the US government banned the trade and use of alcohol (1920 - 1933) followed by the Al Capone bakery flourished.

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