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Cannabis Magazine Is an independent magazine whose activities and roots grew in 2010 and was officially founded in 2011.

The magazine was founded in order to provide and disseminate the information related to the cannabis plant and its products to the Hebrew-speaking public in Israel and around the world, and it has for the first time formulated the cannabis community in Israel and is at the forefront of the struggle to free the plant and its consumers.

The Cannabis Magazine website is part of the Cannabis Israel Group, which works to promote the release of the plant and its consumers from the shackles of incriminating and persecuting laws and to make the latest and most reliable information available to the public on news, culture, research, science, guides, entertainment and leisure.

Cannabis Magazine does not depend on any external factor, and accordingly we have the right to present reliable and objective information.

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Cannabis Magazine holds a government press card and operates with strict quality, reliability as well as law and law.

The site does not encourage the use, possession and / or trafficking of drugs and its purpose is to make available news, cultural, humor and general knowledge. The growth / use guides appearing on the site are for enrichment purposes only or alternatively for holders of a legal license to grow and / or speak Hebrew in countries where there is a legal increase permit. The site is informative only and no use of information contrary to the law.

Cannabis Magazine and its team stand today at the forefront of both the Israeli and international cannabis world as a leisure culture and the medical cannabis industry.

On the Cannabis Magazine website, visitors visit 20,000 every day and even more. The Cannabis Forum, Is the largest, active and leading forum in Israel on the subject, visiting every day as 5,000 surfers. The rest of the group's sites and social networks are visited by hundreds and thousands more.

The members of the Cannabis Group and the Cannabis are leading the legal market movement (legalization) and ending persecution and incrimination of consumers (non-incrimination / criminality).

The Cannabis Magazine system is in close contact with government officials, journalists, speakers, Knesset members and activists from all fields of social and political activism and stands in line with Israel's leading digital institutions in terms of coverage, criticism, exposure and strict adherence to uncompromising quality. We monitor the news in Israel and the reports of the legalization revolution that is sweeping the world and are at the heart of the public debate on the subject.

The site includes the latest news from Israel and the world and new research on cannabis as a medical treatment, along with opinion columns, research articles, guides and tips of all kinds and rich historical information and data.

The site is one of the leading companies in its field in the world and is already reviewing dozens of media outlets in Israel and around the world. The magazine's representatives interviewed, spoke and were behind the scenes of Israeli cannabis culture and in constant contact with senior officials from the US and Europe.

Cannabis was also chosen as one of five new news sites and the world's most reliable cannabis culture.

Questions and inquiries You can submit in the form Contact Us. Use of the site is subject to a conditional agreement Site Usage Statement.

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