Good reasons to make cannabis legal in Israel

The ban on cannabis makes much worse than good for everyone. Not convinced? Here are 9 excellent reasons to remove it from our lives for good

Every dispute will always have two sides, but when it comes to regulation of the cannabis market and stopping the persecution of consumers, it is important to understand that this is a very significant issue whose impact on the public welfare is enormous. If you are part of the "cannabis" camp and go with a green bracelet on your hand, then you probably do not have to convince that the ban on cannabis has long since had to stop. If not, here are 9 excellent reasons Finish this whole story.

1. The ban on cannabis contributes to the creation of a black market while financing criminal organizations and terrorist elements - The "dry season" in which alcohol was banned in the US was also the golden age of criminal organizationsSee Al Capone) Who jumped on the bargain and began to arrange for everyone to buy secretly. In Israel, in addition to the criminal organizations that grow and sell behind walls and guards, even terror organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah exploit the situation to get rich easily, and we just let it happen. What you can not do, buy with your neighbors.

2. The ban on cannabis fills the prisons with "non-violent" criminals - Every year, masses of innocent and dangerous civilians flood the prisons because they chose to consume or trade cannabis alone. Not only are innocent civilians behind bars, which in itself should be enough, but in addition to the pockets of each and every one of us, millions of shekels are spent every year on the incarceration of these civilians. If the freedom of the innocent does not bother you, at least take care of the living costs that come up here every year.

Al Capone - the crime benefits from the prohibition
Al Capone - the crime benefits from the prohibition

3. The ban on cannabis destroys a lifetime - a boy who traded small quantities of marijuana and was sent to spend most of his young life in prison, a child taken from his home by the authorities because his parents were caught smoking, or boys who clapped with the doorbell in fear that a Jew in 1943 would not be ashamed, Anyone who dares to feel free. A lifetime of masses of people is being destroyed, because of laws that continue to fail every time.

4. Cannabis will flood the job market with new jobs - The Jewish mind was responsible for the isolation of THC and the scientific leap in cannabis. Many countries are knocking on doors with hundreds of millions of dollars of purchase packages that will allow the economy to leap and hundreds (if not thousands) of new jobs to open up and provide a livelihood for many families.

5. Large tax revenues that will generate more budgets for public welfare - Just like the schools in Colorado which Multiply and even triple their budget Thanks to funds for improving education, schools in our country will also be able to get the budgets they desperately need to reduce the number of students in the class, to open up outstanding classes and other enrichment classes, to improve the help available to students who have difficulty, and basically everything that is missing in your child's school. Even if you are not the parent of a child, you will certainly appreciate the health and welfare budgets that will only do good for the entire Israeli public, and will make it easier for us all.

Budgets for the education system, and perhaps even Cannabis.
Budgets for the education system, and perhaps even Cannabis.

6. Cannabis is a medical wonder - Established studies from all the leading universities around the world show that cannabis helps and contributes to the treatment of dozens of different diseases and medical conditions, and also acts as a preventative medicine for other phenomena. The Israeli Ministry of Health even recognizes cannabis as a medicine that also helps those who suffer from very serious health conditions, but without the permission that sometimes is not given even after exhaustive journeys, all patients may end up in prison or in detention. The miracle drug in our hands and the global medical market ahead of us, there is only one step left to do.

7. The legal Hemp market will boost the Israeli industry - The Hemp plant, despite being a wonderful plant that serves as a high quality raw material for dozens of different industries, is outlawed solely because of its genetic proximity to the cannabis plant. Removing the ban on Hemp will send the world of Israeli industry to a new path, put our tiny country on the global industrial map and reduce the prices of all the products for all of us. On the road, we can save air and water pollution and save the environment.

Israel - a medical cannabis power in the world
Israel - a medical cannabis power in the world

8. Cannabis is not dangerous - or as the federal judge Francis Jung said: "From a purely medicinal point of view, cannabis is safer to use than most of the processed food we consume every day. Beyond that, cannabis is not potentially lethal either, and there is no real possibility of death or overdose. " In a country that pretends to be democratic, it is not possible that adults are not heads to choose to consume material that is not dangerous and does not endanger others, even without explanations or justifications.

9. It's just a plant Forget about injections, chemicals, protruding veins, uncontrollable glucose, or anything that the system tried to introduce into you. Cannabis, above all, is only a plant that grew here because of something much bigger than us, which was here before us and will be after us. Even if some bureaucrat chose to put him on some list, it did not make him anything but a plant.

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