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13 World's Leading Cannabis Stocks (August 2019)

Cannabis continues to develop on world exchanges and the industry's leading companies are trading in billions of dollars. As of mid-2019 there are 13 companies whose shares are worth over a billion dollars.

1. Canopy: 12.07 billion

Canadian Canopy Growth continues to be the largest cannabis stock in the world and a significant gap over the others. It is expected to end the year as its second-largest cannabis production in Canada (after Aurora), with a maximum output of over 500 tonnes per year.

Knoopy also managed to enter the US hemp market, and this year acquired Canadian cannabis company Acreage Holdings, which has extensive US operations, in a $ 3.4 billion deal in cash and stock. This deal is future-oriented, and will only come to fruition when the US federal government approves the legalization of cannabis, but Knoopy has already paid 300 $ 1 million as a down payment.

Knoopy has about 3.4 billion in cash andCash replacements She currently has.

2. Aurora: 6.82 billion

Canadian Aurora Cannabis has been nearing the top spot for some time, but has now established itself as the second largest market share of cannabis. Aurora's main means of growth is the acquisition of other companies, and it has made various acquisitions since August 15, including the major companies Kenimad and-Madrilliff.

According to forecasts, Aurora is expected to have higher annual output than all other companies, and has a stronger global presence than any other cannabis stock, including Europe's largest growing facility In Denmark And agreements to grow medical cannabis In Germany.

3. GW Pharmaceuticals - 4.96 Billion

GW Pharmaceuticals is the only company on the list that is exclusively engaged in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals based Cannabinoids, And is ranked third in terms of market capitalization.

GW is the manufacturer of 'Epidiolex'The world's first cannabis drug that was approved by the FDA in June 2018. After a weak start, sales of the drug rose significantly and eventually reached 33.5 million.

But 'Epidiolex' was not the only FDA-approved cannabis drug. The drug basedCBD It was also the first drug for FDA syndrome (a rare and severe form of childhood epilepsy) approved by the FDA, though it has since been approved Another cure (Non-cannabis-based).

Either way, GW still holds the first FDA approval for cannabis drug, and is expected to continue to boost Epidylex sales, and will soon try to also in Israel.

4. Cronos: 4.89 billion

After being ousted from third place by GW, Canadian cannabis company Cronos Group is in fourth place with a market cap of nearly 4.9 billion. Much of the company's market value comes from the investment of tobacco company Altria Group, cigarette maker Philip Morris Which she acquired Cronos's 45% stake for $ 1.8 billion in March this year.

At the end of 2017 Has announced Cronus intends to establish a breeding activity in Israel, at Kibbutz Gan Shmuel. According to the principle of understanding that was signed between Kronos and Gan Shmuel, a huge greenhouse will be set up in the area of ​​Kibbutz, which will cover 4 dunams and will produce up to 5 tons of cannabis every year. In the second phase, Kronos-Israel expects to expand up to 24 tons of cannabis a year - and then up to 100 tons of cannabis a year.

5. Tilray: 4.1 Billion

Canadian Tilray Bypass Briefly named Canopy as the world's leading cannabis stock last September, when it received approval from the DEA to export cannabis to the United States for research and its share jumped 1,150% to reach market value of 28 billion. But since then, the company's stock has dropped all the way to fifth place on the list, and now stands at a value of 4.1 billion.

However, Tilray has cannabis patients in more than 12 countries, and has been able to penetrate the US market with the help of purchase Of the world's largest hemp food company Manitoba Fall in March. Manitoba has a distribution network that includes more than 16,000 points of sale across the US, which helps Tilray's CBD products reach new markets.

6. Coralife - 3.67 Billion

Curaleaf Holdings is the leading medical cannabis brand in the United States, and its products are currently available at its stores that own branches in 11 countries in America.

Purchases made this year, including last month's Grassroots and Cura Partners earlier this year, are expected to raise the number of countries that Curliffe operates to 19, allowing it to open stores for 131 locations.

7. Afria - 1.84 Billion

Aphria stock had a much higher market cap in the past, but concern over conflicts of interest and investor fraud in some large acquisitions the company made in South America created a scandal that seriously hurt it. only In April The company was still standing at the market value of 3 billion.

However, last Friday (2.8) its stock jumped significantly following the release of a successful quarterly report, so it managed to reverse the trend. Afria is Canada's third largest cannabis growing company, with a maximum annual output of 255 tons, and has devoted a large portion of its portfolio to edible cannabis products, which will begin selling in Canada in December.

Ephria is also one of the companies that have been approved by the German government to grow medical cannabis in the country and supply it to the German market.

8. Green Thumb - 1.57 Billion

A gap of more than $ 1 billion separates Coralife from rival Green Thumb Industries' cannabis medical store chain.

Green Thumb operates in 12 countries in the US and has permits to operate 89 stores, making it one of the five largest companies in the US. Recently, the company has taken special interest in the cannabis market in the state of Nevada, where per capita spending on legal cannabis is expected to be the highest in the United States.

9. Fall - 1.56 Billion

In the ninth place in the minor gap after the ashtray is Harvest Health & Recreation, another network of medical cannabis stores operating in several US states and selling the company's produce.

Harvest has made intensive acquisitions over the past year, with the largest being the acquisition of all shares of cannabis company Verano Holdings for $ 850 million. Harvest has more than 210 licenses for stores, farms, and processing plants, with 142 licensed for stores.

10. Innovative Industrial Properties - $ 1 billion

Innovative Industrial Properties (Innovative Industrial Properties) is a real estate investment fund for cannabis, which has managed to make it into the largest 10 list despite recent share price declines.

The company has more than doubled its number of 2 assets to 23, and retains an average return of 14.7% for its invested money and an annual growth rate of 3.25% in the rental rate of its assets.

11. Hexo - 1.14 Billion

Canadian Hexo is struggling to stay above $ 1 billion in market value after a downtrend of several months (April 2 billion), but it is still considered one of the safest stocks in the industry. About 30% of its GDP by the year 2023 is expected to be sold in the State of Quebec, Canada, where it signed a major supply agreement with 2018.

Hexo is also trying to get into the extraction business right now, and it has more than 180 thousand square meters of processing space for this purpose.

12. Acridge - 1.11 Billion

As noted in the information about Canopy at the beginning of the list, the companies have signed an agreement whereby Acreage Holdings will be sold to Canopy if and when the US federal government approves cannabis legalization.

Meanwhile, Acridge continues to expand and holds 88 store licenses, which puts it in the first quintet of cannabis chains, and is present in 20 states in the US, more than any other network. Acridge is also expected to reach 500 $ 1 million in sales on 2020, making it one of the most profitable cannabis stocks.

13. Trolib: 1.07 Billion

Trulieve Cannabis closes the list of over $ 1 billion cannabis stocks. The company has operations in 4 states in the United States, but is primarily focused on the Florida medical cannabis market, where it currently has 29 stores open.

Trolib is one of the only cannabis stocks that is already generating more profits from losses at the moment, and has been able to leverage those profits together with a successful $ 1 billion market value branding.

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