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"There is no shortage, everything is fine."

"He sells his lies to Litzman too," say ultra-Orthodox patients close to the deputy health minister's office. They too, like many others, face the shortage of cannabis in pharmacies. Landschaft, for his part, claims that Cannabis Magazine is making claims about shortages that do not exist, but pharmacies confirm: "There is a shortage."

Patients in Israel are still unable to find cannabis in pharmacies due to a severe shortage of supplies Which was revealed For the first time in Cannabis magazine last month.

But the director of the medical cannabis unit, Yuval Landschaft, insists that this is a plot against him: "There is no shortage, everything is fine," he said last week in response to a letter from the magazine to the conference of cannabis physicians in Tel Aviv.

Yuval Landschaft
Again lying. Yuval Landschaft, Director of IMCA (Medical Cannabis Unit)

Asked at the conference why there was a shortage of pharmacies and when it was expected to end, Landschaft said in protest that Cannabis magazine was lying in its reports of shortages that did not really exist.

Landschaft's claim that the reports in Cannabis magazine about drug shortages are false comes despite the fact that reports from patients' conversations with the pharmacies were included in the report.

In addition, responses were received from the pharmacy directors, who admitted themselves, and later also in their voices during radio interviews, that there was a severe shortage that they claimed was caused by a lack of regular supply from the growing companies.

The root of the shortage is the new reform managers, in which patients are given a prescription for cannabis with accurate THC and CBD percentages, so you can not choose from the range of products available at the pharmacy.

Even worse, patients are given cannabis of Sativa or Indica, so even when the drug contains the correct THC and CBD, there is a shortage of Sativa, for example, and Indica can not be obtained instead.

This controversial procedure, which is not based on any science or research, contravenes the current format in which a patient may choose the appropriate treatment or strain from a wide variety of strains.

In conversations with pharmacies from Tuesday morning, one can hear precisely that there is still a shortage:

But Landschaft's lie is not the only lie. It turns out, according to the magazine, that Landschaft is apparently also lying to Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman himself.

A patient from the ultra-Orthodox sector, who is also having trouble finding supplies, told Cannabis that he had spoken to officials in Litzman's office who claimed that Landschaft had made it clear to them that there was no shortage.

"The man sells his lies to Litzman and his office," he says. "Litzman meant good and Yuval misleading him completely, in data, in numbers, in everything that really happens."

"Yuval causes health damage to a lot of people and tells the Litzman office things that have nothing to do with reality on the ground," he said.

"Until not long ago, he even let them think that in the pharmacies the products of most of the growers are sold when there are actually companies selling there."

David Papo, chairman of the Pharmacists Association and director of pharmacies chain SHRM, confirms this morning to Cannabis magazine that there is a shortage: "I receive 30 every day, and there is nothing to give."

Teleparma also admits today, in a conversation with Cannabis Magazine, that there is a shortage. In a patient's appeal, it was made clear to him that the inventory he needed would be renewed, perhaps, only towards the end of the month, in two and a half weeks.

These lies are added to another lie he made on the stage of the Cannabis Conference when he claimed that Cannabis Magazine's report on the imminent departure of his assistant, Dr. Michael Dor, would take place in September.

"Mickey is not leaving, he's just changing roles," he told an audience of hundreds of attendees. About two hours later, Dr. Dor clarified that Landschaft's remarks were incorrect and that he was indeed leaving his post.

All this is against the background of regular reports on the poor conduct of the director of the NII, for example in the affair He untied The smuggling of a Cannabis suitcase from the US to Israel for a private company that did not lead to disciplinary action against him.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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