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The famous psychiatrist opposes cannabis and enters the business of ... Cannabis

Dr. Ilan Rabinovitch, who is known as a celebrity psychiatrist and remembers the Sommom affair and the members of the Big Brother and the children of Chor Hasidic sects in the past, has expressed harshness against any use of cannabis, and now he has entered the cannabis business and holds 17.5.

The famous and controversial psychiatrist Dr. Ilan Rabinovich, who once said that Cannabis "creates thousands of anxious zombies," entered the cannabis business.

Dr. Rabinovich is remembered for many of the psychosocial cases of the participants in the Big Brother program at the end of which he was forced to pay them hundreds of thousands of shekels.

Ilan Rabinovich (screenshot: Facebook)
The great cannabis opponent entered the cannabis business. The psychiatrist Dr. Ilan Rabinovich (screenshot: Facebook)

The psychiatrist will hold 17.5 in a new company called Spectrum Cann, which will work to treat autism through medical cannabis, Calcalist reported this morning.

Previously also He expressed Rabinovich publicly objected to the admission of a medical cannabis patient to the Big Brother program and claimed that "there is a reason why we took it out of the law."

For example, he said, "It starts with a joint that makes you gay, but when you come to me for treatment, you are people without a relationship, without sex and without life - not to mention the manchitz that fertilizes you."

He also said that cannabis "creates thousands of anxious zombies" and that "cannabis leads to lack of initiative and desire, apathy, emptiness, desolation, boredom, falls in mood, flirting with death."

Apart from the doping of the Big Brother participants, it was recently revealed that Dr. Rabinovich provided psychiatric pills for the Gur boys who were brought to the clinic by supervisors from the yeshiva where they learned to suppress their libido.

In a special column "Every day I come across men and women that smoking grass has seriously damaged their quality of life. They live from JDC to JDC, destroy themselves and always lose control," Rabinovitch said.

In the rest of the company's shares, apart from Rabinovich, the Xanumis medical cannabis plant (65) and Dan Gilat (17.5%) will own.

Rabinovich declined to comment, but confirmed the details.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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