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Bicarbonate Combinations? The Sheikh company received a permit to grow cannabis in violation of the regulations

The policy of "where and where" by the director of the medical cannabis unit, Yuval Landschaft, is exposed again, this time with a permit to the company to grow and market medical cannabis in pharmacies even though it does not have the necessary permits. Other companies were forced to relocate to do so, which involved enormous expenses.

The old cannabis company, Sheikh, one of the eight companies that have been growing cannabis in Israel for more than 10 years, Was the first In Israel, to receive the standard for cannabis growth (IMC-GAP), as of March 2018.

But now it turns out that this standard for the "discourse" - which recently entered the stock exchange (the shares of "Beyond Time") and is one of the only two companies marketing their products in pharmacies - was given to it even though it did not meet all the requirements for this purpose, farmland.

Yuval Landschaft (Photo: Miriam Elster, Flash 90)
Bicarbonate Combinations? Yuval Landschaft, director of IMCA (Photo: Miriam Elster, Flash 90)

This building permit, which the farms must receive from the regional council in its territory, is intended for the establishment of laboratories or factories in the area designated for agriculture, and this permit is not easily available.

The demand for this permit from the old cannabis farms is also the reason why other companies such as BOL Pharma and Tikun Olam, for example, were forced to transfer their activities from their existing farms to new farms.

Tikkun Olam's move to a new farm due to similar demands led to the shortage of medical cannabis that many patients have suffered for many months to this day.

Better, for example, which is also one of the veteran companies, was refused full permits or IMC-GAP because it does not yet have this building permit. Better is continuing to operate on the basis of temporary extension of the old license until September 2019, then will be forced to display the building permit or close the farm.

However, as opposed to these companies, according to the Marker, the company received all the permits for cultivation and production without having the necessary permit and without having to transfer the farm to another industrial area.

This case once again raises the question of "comets" or a "double standard" policy on the part of the Unit for Medical Cannabis in the Ministry of Health, headed by Yuval Landschaft.

Landschaft apparently chose to turn a blind eye to the lack of a building permit for the company, contrary to his own instructions, which he is careful to fill when it comes to other companies in the industry.

According to the report, the "Sheikh" submitted an application for a permit only at the beginning of 2019, eight months after it had already accepted the standard, but this was rejected because all the required documents were not attached. Since then no new application has been submitted.

According to the council, according to my reporter Appelberg, the status of the application in the licensing system as of today is "the request has not been received", meaning that the application is still in the process of obtaining a permit.

The council explained that "when the missing documents are completed the request will be brought before the local committee for a decision. The fact that Shaykh asked for a permit indicates that she is not exempt from receiving it. "

In response to the announcement, Mashiach told The Marker that the company "has been aware of the issue of building permits for some time, and acted to regulate the matter as required. Furthermore, as part of the Company's transformation into a public company, the Company gave full disclosure to this matter, noting that it is expected to finalize the receipt of the building and use permits required for its activity in the growth facility. The company expresses surprise at the publication itself and its timing. "

On the other hand, the BIC, headed by Landschaft, did not know how to explain how the company received a permit to grow cannabis without having a building permit required by law. According to the Marker, the BIC "were surprised" to hear about it.

This, of course, is not the first time such "combins" are exposed, such as when He untied Landschaft to a private company to smuggle a suitcase full of cannabis from the United States in violation of federal and Israeli law.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

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