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The bill to grow a cannabis plant is likely to be rejected

Spin elections? Despite the support of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, only about a week has passed to approve a bill to abolish the cannabis consumers' ban and allow the cultivation of a cannabis plant at home.

The new bill, which wants to permit the growth of one cannabis plant in the home and to cancel the consumer incrimination, will apparently not be sufficient to receive the government's approval for an increase in the Knesset vote in the coming days.

MK Shran Heschel, who submitted the bill Has announced It should be recalled that although the government is defined as a transitional government until after the elections and can not approve substantive changes, there is indeed a way to raise the bill to vote and even to approve it.

(Photo: Yonatan Sindel, Flash 90)
Spin elections? Denied Cannabis Growth Bill (Photo: Jonathan Sindall, Flash 90)

In addition, the intelligence noted that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu supports this proposal, and therefore believed that it could be approved by the government even before the Knesset leaves for an election break next week, and then for its final approval in the Knesset vote during the break.

Many in the public predicted in advance that the bill was actually a "spin election" and that its sole purpose was to drag voters to elect a Likud without a real chance of receiving the Knesset's approval in three readings within such a short time.

MK Haskal admits that, contrary to her hopes, it will not be possible to approve the bill, and therefore it is not expected to vote in the current Knesset, but only after the new government is sworn in after the 17.9 elections.

A government source told Cannavis that "from the outset there was no chance for this proposal to go up for a vote in the current Knesset." He added that "this was a public deception, to put it mildly, perhaps from election spin."

Recall the bill proposes to abolish the incrimination on growing one pot of cannabis at home, holding up to 50 gram and up to 15 cannabis seeds, and to exclude CBD Of the Drugs Ordinance and to allow free trade and use.

In addition, according to the bill, the penalties for public cannabis possession or for exceeding the quantities allowed for self-use will be much lower than the penalties set by the law approved by Minister Gilad Erdan, which entered into effect two months ago.

Now supporters have to wait for the election results and swear a new government, or rely on a first debate Your hair In the High Court of Justice in the case of the High Court of Justice in the case of the historic cannabis, which is likely to bring about the result it was supposed to bring to this bill.

Knesset Member Haskel said, "I do not give up. I am working and will continue to work to promote a real non-incrimination, the Israeli public is in distress and I will seize every opportunity or political opening that will pass this bill. "

No response was received from the Prime Minister's Office and its spokesmen.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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