The Health Ministry cut the cannabis dose of an 70 cancer patient - the court ordered it returned

The Jerusalem District Court ordered the Ministry of Health to immediately restore the medical cannabis dose of a cancer patient, a former Navy fighter whose license was cut from 200 per month to 90 a month without warning. "A decision devoid of any reasoning," the judge ruled.

The Health Ministry has unilaterally cut the cannabis supply of a cancer patient, a former 69 flotilla fighter, despite a doctor's recommendation, but the Jerusalem District Court ordered it returned.

This is another case in which Yuval Landschaft, director of the medical cannabis unit at the Health Ministry, orders a cut in the cannabis license for cancer patients treated with Dr. Johnny Greenfeld.

Without meeting the patient, the Health Ministry decided six months ago that the patient's license, which has been treated since 2016 at a fixed dose of 200 a month, will be immediately cut to 90 grams, according to the ministry.

The daughter of the patient, who will be represented in the trial by attorney Miriam Brainin, described her father, the diseases he underwent and the dramatic improvement in his condition with the use of cannabis.

As for what happened after the dose reduction, she said her father was "completely out of balance", needed to take other pills he had not taken before, and could not be absorbed into the stomach.

"The Petitioner's words presented a serious picture of serious damage caused by the immediate and sharp reduction of the use of cannabis," wrote Judge Arnon Darel. "The descriptions his daughter gave about her father's damage to that decision were disturbing and hibernating."

"On the face of it, it is difficult to see how the Health Ministry's decision can stand, and how it is possible to justify the manner in which it was carried out," Justice Darel added.

Judge Darel reprimanded the Ministry of Health and ruled that "this decision lacks any reasoning, any reference to the medical condition of the Petitioner, any discussion of the implications of stopping the existing dose, the question of how to bring about such reduction, and monitoring its results reduced dosage by less than half."

"Even if we accept the respondents' later position that this is a concern for addiction and dependence," he wrote, "it is clear that such a reduction must be done gradually and with an examination of its implications on the patient during the process. The situation in which respondents reduce the dosage from 200 dose to 90 grams should not be matched immediately and improvised without allowing an adjustment period. "

In conclusion, he stated: "After hearing the arguments of the parties and the statements made at the hearing, I reached the conclusion that the request should be accepted. On the basis of all the above, I accept the request for an interim injunction and instruct the Respondents to issue to the petitioner within 72 a license period for holding and using cannabis at the dose of 200 grams. "

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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