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On the way to legalization: Colombia has approved the use of cannabis in public areas as well

After confirming non-incrimination of consumption and growing up to 20 cannabis plants at home, a new court ruling obliges the Colombian government to allow cannabis consumption publicly. The president is not satisfied, but accepts the decision.

The Colombian court ruled last week that the ban on cannabis consumption in public, in public, is unconstitutional. Experts speculate that the state, which has already approved Non-incrimination Of consumption and growth of cannabis at home, is on the way to full legalization.

More in 2012 Canceled The Government of Colombia incriminates the possession of up to 20 grams of cannabis for self-use and in 2015 ruling of the Supreme Court Expanded The non-incrimination so that it will also include domestic cannabis cultivation of up to 20 plants.

Now the Supreme Court of the country is again interfering with cannabis laws, this time to abolish the ban on cannabis consumption publicly enacted in 2017 as a counter-response by the government to non-incrimination and the approval of medical cannabis in 2015.

The judges ruled that this prohibition on consumption of cannabis in public is unconstitutional because it violates basic rights of citizens and does not contribute to protecting the public and the safety of children as it purports to do.

The court ruling states that "a law can not create general restrictions on the freedom of citizens; It must be specific about time, place, and circumstances, and be reasonable and proportionate. "

Colombian President Ivan Duka, a promoter of the 2017 law that banned cannabis consumption, reportedly said he was not satisfied with the court's decision but was accepting it.

"The law that came into force at 2017 [and banned cannabis consumption] was a political attempt to limit the use of cannabis by means of punishment after medical use was permitted, and many parts of it were considered excessive and unjustified," explained Senator Gustavo Bolivar, a member of the opposition.

Senator Bolivar is currently heading a multi-party bloc that will soon introduce a new bill that he says will be "a complete change of direction in the war on drugs."

The bill will be submitted to Congress at the end of July and it is still unclear what it will include, but experts speculate that there is a good chance that total cannabisization will be on the agenda.

"We are going to formulate a new drug policy for our country; Based on evidence and data, that will enable us to think of an effective strategy, because all the data shows that the war on drugs we have conducted so far has been a total failure, "he said.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

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