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Netanyahu supports the bill to grow a cannabis plant and abolish incrimination

Prime Minister Sharon expressed his support for MK Sharan Haskel's new bill, which completely abolishes the incrimination of cannabis consumers in Israel and permits the growth of cannabis of one plant for its own use. In the coming days, it will be decided whether the government will be able to advance this in an accelerated process even before the Knesset leaves for an election break.

The two new bills, one for the total abolition of cannabis cannibalization and one for growing trade and the use of CBD, have been consolidated into one proposal that may be put on the Knesset table in the next few days, if the government approves it.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed support for the new bill, drafted by MK Sharan Haskel, and is considering progress as he promised before the elections in the current government.

Sharan Heschel (Photo: Jonathan Sindall, Flash 90)
Initiates the new bill. Sharan Heschel (Photo: Jonathan Sindall, Flash 90)

If MK Haskal and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are enough to advance, the proposal will be put to a vote in the Knesset's first reading next week, followed by a second and a third reading and possibly a final approval the next week.

If approved, it would be the only bill approved by the government in the shortest 21 Knesset in Israeli governments.

The timetable is of great importance, since in about three weeks the Knesset will leave for an election recess and it will be impossible to vote on new bills until the next government is formed after the elections.

If the bill is passed and approved eventually, it is a huge message to the cannabis consumers in Israel who can hold and consume cannabis in their home without fear of raids and incrimination at all.

Contrary to the new law implemented by Minister Gilad Erdan two months ago and does not cancel the incrimination at all, the new bill (whose details are full Here) Will abolish incriminating the use of cannabis in an entirely private area.

In addition to the provisions of the bill, cannabis weighing up to 50 will be allowed for self-use and even one cannabis seedling at home will be allowed for its own use.

The proposal also includes the permitting of free trade and the use of CBD and its products, the component in cannabis that is not "mastered". This ingredient is legal in America and 75% of European countries and is considered particularly healthy and has enormous potential for the food, cosmetic and health industries.

However, even if the government approves the passing of the bill to a vote, by the time the bill reaches a third reading, there may be changes in some of its clauses, and it is reasonable to assume that if approved, it will be a little less permissive. These sections will be discussed by the Committee after a first reading.

In addition, opposition to the bill is expected to be voiced by the ultra-Orthodox parties and extreme right-wing parties, who expressed their indignation at any promotion of easing the cannabis laws.

Therefore, in order to obtain a majority in favor of the bill in a vote in the Knesset plenum, the support of the opposition parties, MKs (Labor and Meretz), who are expected, at least according to them, to support it, will be required.

Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: Jonathan Sindall, Flash 90)
Supports the bill to grow a plant of cannabis at home. Benjamin Netanyahu (Photo: Jonathan Sindall, Flash 90)

MK Heschel expressed optimism this evening and believes that the government will approve the promotion of the bill and its approval even before the new elections. At the same time, she is afraid of opposition from the opposition parties.

Sources in the government note to Cannabis magazine that the proposal also comes as a response to the historic cannabis court, from the "advance of the remedy to the blow," ahead of a hearing in the coming months before three Supreme Court justices.

About two weeks ago, Minister of Justice MK Amir Ohana was appointed to support legalization. In this way, he will also serve as the head of the Ministerial Committee on Legislation, which will approve which laws will be put to the vote.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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