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Ministry of Health for cancer patient who asked Cannabis: "First painkillers"

Despite a procedure that states that cancer patients are entitled to almost unconditional medical cannabis license, the Ministry of Health has recently rejected a request by a cancer patient for a lymphoma for such a license, claiming that no pain medication was previously used.

Cancer patients are entitled to a Cannabis license almost unconditionally and usually receive it within a short period of time from the oncologist responsible at the hospital where they are hospitalized.

But in the private hospital "Assuta" there is no doctor oncologist responsible for the cannabis field, which requires the patients there to apply for a medical cannabis license in the normal procedure.

So did B., who suffers from cancer and lymphoma and asked for a medical cannabis license. He contacted the oncologist at the Department of Hematology at Assuta Hospital, who submitted a recommendation for a license.

To his surprise, however, the Ministry of Health refused to approve the request. In reply, he was told that he had to take medication first with narcotic painkillers.

Although he suffers from severe cancer, the Health Ministry responded to the doctor recommending in response that "a review of the drugs the patient has received so far does not include pain medication."

"Cannabis is given after drug treatment and is not a first-line drug, even in oncology patients," the Health Ministry wrote.

Denial of medical cannabis license
The refusal received by a doctor in the hematology department of "Assuta" for a request for a medical cannabis license submitted by a cancer patient to lymphoma

B, who buys Cannabis on the black market every month for thousands of shekels to produce concentrated oil, turned to Cannabis Magazine to try to understand why he was refused. After his intervention, his license was finally approved.

At the same time, this phenomenon of rejection of medical cannabis license applications for non-cancer patients continues as usual, in light of the Ministry of Health's procedure for cannabis as a "last line" treatment.

In effect, the Ministry of Health forces thousands of patients to take dangerous and addictive narcotic painkillers before receiving a medical cannabis license.

The use of painkillers has become a global epidemic, and recently a report in Israel has been published in the Cannabis Magazine In the first places in the world Using painkillers and dangerous prescription drugs.

State Comptroller Report Last month attacked the Ministry of Health for not supervising or monitoring the number of pain addicts in Israel.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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