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2,000 at a trance party in Rabin Square in protest against the closing of the festival "

Following the cancellation of the "Doof" festival, hundreds of dancers arrived at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv to protest against the decision of the police and the court.

About 2,000 Israelis participated in a big trance party in Rabin Square protesting the court's decision to accept the police's claims and prevent the opening of the "Doof" festival in northern Israel.

Following The message On the cancellation of the festival, event pages were opened on Facebook, inviting those interested to reach the square in Tel Aviv spontaneously and to participate in a dance protest.

In a short time, thousands of people joined the event page and at 15: 30 hundreds of protesters arrived with loudspeakers and they were dancing to trance.

The Rabin Square
Hundreds are dancing at Rabin Square in protest against the closure of the "Doof"

By the time 22: 00 has already reached the mass of Israelis. The organizers later brought an amplification system, which led to a huge party in the square and a jump of dozens to the famous pool in the square.

When the police arrived, the celebrants began shouting "we will not stop dancing" and "give a chance to trance".

The police then allowed the event to be held until 23: Then the police switched off the amplification equipment and the participants began shouting and protesting, some even going down to the road and blocking Ibn Gvirol Street near the square.

At 01: 00 After midnight police reported that following the riots of some of the protesters, 5 were arrested from them, who blatantly order, threw bottles of glass and stones at policemen and did not obey their orders.

So it seemed to the protesters:

So it seemed to the police:

The police said: "We will allow the expression of freedom of expression, but we will not allow the use of physical or verbal violence."

On the other hand, Cannabis told demonstrators at the event that cavalry on horseback and Yassam police used harsh violence against some of the demonstrators and even caused injuries.

"It's time for us to make a sound," the event page said. "Nothing will change if we do not crowd up and make noise. The state and the police in particular should see what we are fighting for. They destroy an entire culture and we must not give it a hand. We all meet today from 15: 30. "

Recall the police announced that will not allow the observance of the festival "Duof" in Hamat Gader on the weekend and thus interrupted the sequence of 15 years.

The police claim was that she had intelligence information about the anticipated use of drugs during the festival. Later, the details became clear: According to the police, before the judges, drugs were placed in the area at Hamat Gader and the police requested that they be canceled.

The organizers of the event turned to the District Court, which rejected their claims. Later, they appealed to the Supreme Court but were also rejected there.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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