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A sack full of hashish was washed ashore in Haifa - the bathers called the police

Bathing at Haifa's student beach identified an unidentified object washed near the beach. One of the bathers pulled the object to the beach, and it turned out that it was a bag full of hashish. Policemen summoned to the scene collected the bag after dozens of kilograms of the material were found.

A month after being washed at Ashdod beach, they found a full sack hashish Who were washed from the sea, also found a similar bag in Haifa.

Similar Leszek Hashish found in Ashdod It also contained the bag that arrived in Haifa as 20 kg of hashish, packed in separate packages.

Hashish bag Haifa students beach
The bag that had been washed ashore

According to a report by a local site in Haifa on Friday, around 18: 00, sirens of police cars were heard south of Haifa's student beach.

The policemen were called by residents of Haifa who were walking on the beach and identified a brown object in the water.

At first the walkers thought it was a sea turtle corpse, but after one of the Haifaians on the beach entered the water and pulled the object out, it turned out to be hashish.

Hashish bag Haifa students beach
The packet of hashish found inside the sack
Hashish bag Haifa students beach
Packed hash pieces were found inside the sack

According to the oysters on the bag packed it seems that the bag was long in water. However, the hashish inside it seems to have been well preserved.

The policemen took the bag and went to check it in the police laboratory, where it was discovered that it was indeed hashish.

Since this is a bag that was washed ashore in Haifa about a month after a similar bag was discovered in Ashdod, it seems that there are several dozen sacks that were washed from the south, perhaps from the Sinai / Egypt area.

Hashish bag Haifa students beach
The bag of hashish washed ashore
Hashish bag Haifa students beach
The hashish found in the bag that was washed ashore

The police said in response that "the police have opened an investigation into the circumstances of the sacking of a bag from the sea off the coast of Haifa, which contains material suspected of being a drug. The 100 center received a report from a civilian about a suspicious, shell-covered jute bag that was emitted from the sea off the Haifa coast and lying on the sand.

"Police officers and police searched the area and took the suspicious bag to the police station, which contained bags of cloth that allegedly contained dozens of kilograms of suspected substance. In the course of the investigation, all the findings will be examined in the Israel Police Criminal Investigation Laboratory for the purpose of exhausting evidence and examining the circumstances. "

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