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MPCID investigators were surprised: against the IDF admitted to smoking Cannabis 250 times

A senior military officer who served in an IDF base in the north of the country was arrested on Monday and admitted that he had consumed cannabis 250 several times, mainly at home, because of the pain he suffered.

This week, the military police arrested a career soldier serving in an IDF base in the north after a urine sample he gave after being detained on suspicion of using cannabis found that there were indeed traces of cannabis in his blood.

According to a report by the newspaper "here" Moshe Steinmetz, the counter was arrested following intelligence information obtained by the Military Police Investigations (MPCID) that he used cannabis both at home and at the base.

To the surprise of the MPCID investigators, the defense attorney was not ashamed to admit in his interrogation that he did indeed need cannabis regularly, in his words, to relieve pain.

The researchers were even more surprised when they presented him with a timeline by months and he responded in detail exactly that Cannabis consumed 215 times in his home and other 42 times at the base.

In a hearing held Wednesday in the military court, a police investigator testified that she did not believe that the suspect admits so many offenses.

"I told him to think about it and not just throw out a number," said the researcher.

In response, his lawyer, Idan Dvir, said he admitted after an investigation that trampled his rights. "The MPCID investigators ignored his medical condition and his pain caused him to indicate unrealistic and exaggerated numbers of drug use," he said.

"The MPCID and the Military Advocate General's Office will have many answers that they will have to provide to the court if the procedure is conducted and we are waiting to receive the investigation materials this coming Wednesday," said Dvir.

Following his confession, his remand was extended by another week until Wednesday next week.

The response of the IDF Spokesperson: "A Military Police investigation was opened on this matter, and at the end of which the findings will be examined by the Military Advocate General's Office."

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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