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After criticizing the Chief Medical Officer: Dr. Michael Dor was removed from his post

In the past two weeks, the chief medical advisor of the Medical Cannabis Unit has strongly criticized the director of the unit, Yuval Landshft, and his conduct in the framework of the new reform. This morning, in a telephone conversation, he was informed that he would finish his job immediately.

After announcing his departure and being asked to retract the decision and continue his position for more months, the Ministry of Health informed Dr. Michael Dor that he will complete his position immediately.

The Health Ministry apparently did not like you His recent harsh statements Of Dr. Dor, who did not conceal his anger and criticism of the directors of the medical cannabis unit headed by Yuval Landstafft.

Dr. Dor served as the chief medical advisor of the Medical Cannabis Unit, but did not participate in the formulation of the new clinical treatment method that was built by Lanishft - which led to his anger.

Another reason presented by Dor in his criticism of the YKR was the substantial changes made in the framework of the reform, which included the transition to full automation of the issuance and renewal of licenses, and without the possibility that he had until now assisted in specific cases.

These claims and others led him to announce his departure from office Last month.

This fact was revealed for the first time in the Cannabis Magazine, following which Dr. Dor was asked to continue his post until September, when the reform came into full force. Now he was immediately dismissed.

The Health Ministry said in response that "Dr. Dor has completed his work, and there are several reasons for his other occupations as well. Moreover, the ministry prefers not to list all the reasons in the media and wishes him success in the future. "

Except for Dr. Dor Recently left his post Another senior member of the medical cannabis unit, Mr. Boaz Albo, an agricultural expert who was one of the authors of the clinical method together with Landstein.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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