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A moment before the decision to stop the medical cannabis reform, the state requested another extension

The State Attorney's Office was due to submit its final responses this morning to a petition that seeks to stop the medical cannabis reform, but instead asked for an additional extension. The petitioners refuse to stop the reform until every decision is made: "The state ignores the distress of the sick." The judges approved an extension until 27.6.

Just before she was due to submit her response to the petition to the High Court of Justice to halt the medical cannabis reform, the State Attorney's Office filed a request for an additional extension to submit its response to the allegations.

Three Supreme Court justices were due to decide on the issue that affects thousands of patients and patients affected by the reform, but now the state is requesting another extension.

Miriam Brainin
"The state ignores the patients' distress." Attorney Miriam Brainin, who represents the petition

According to the State Attorney's Office, which represents the Ministries of Health and Agriculture in the petition, "the preparation of the response is in full swing, but taking into consideration the extensive scope of the Petitioner's response, which contains 42 pages,

Today, the State Prosecutor's Office was supposed to submit its response to the completion of the arguments presented by Attorney Miriam Brainin and Attorney Yasmin Mizrahi, but instead of sending a response, she requested another extension to submit an answer to 20.6.

In response to the state's request for an extension, the lawyers replied negatively, saying that "this is a serious injury to the health of serious, minor and helpless patients, which has been taking place for the past two months and therefore can not be extended."

Alternatively, the attorneys suggested that if the court approves this extension, it at least orders an immediate order to halt the reform until a final decision is reached in the petition. "It should be noted that the respondents' request is submitted at the last time for submission of their response," they wrote.

Finally the judges accepted the state's request and granted an extension of 7 days, up to 27.6.

Attorney Miriam Brainin told Cannabis in response that "the state is expected to request an extension, while ignoring the patients' distress and trying to establish facts on the ground."

She added that "we hope that the court will not give it a hand and will determine that in the balance of convenience there is room to stop the reform over the continuation of severe medical and irreversible injury in the most difficult patients in the country."

As will be recalled in the petition, whose details are full Here, The lawyers contend that the state is actually conducting an "experiment on human beings" within the framework of the reform, claiming that they are seriously harming tens of thousands of patients and contrary to proper management.

An update on the judges' decision will be published here when it is accepted.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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