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A disabled person paid thousands of shekels to a doctor - and did not receive medical cannabis

Tal, a severely disabled medical cannabis patient, is not being treated for lack of pharmacy. He revealed his story online and claims that the doctor will redeem the checks for the license through the catering companies and the spa. Doctor: "It's okay."

Tal Aharon, a resident of Tiberias with 30 who suffers from severe spinal disability and is treated with licensed medical cannabis, was forced to pay NIS 1,200 for each meeting with the doctor to renew his license, which expired every six months.

The last time Tal approached his doctor, Dr. Muhammad Adawi, director of rheumatology at Poriya Hospital, the doctor asked him to write the check for payment without mentioning the beneficiary's name and leaving this field empty.

Tal Aharon, disabled medical cannabis patient
"What if the Opthalgian ended up in the drugstore?" - Tal Aharon, a disabled medical cannabis patient, was left untreated

A few days later, Tal, with the help of an electric wheelchair, discovered that the check had been redeemed by the Almocthar restaurant at the Golani Junction and another time by the Saba Havivala company, which aroused his suspicion.

"At the first meeting I asked for cannabis, the doctor said there was no problem at all, and registered me with a license in the old order, so I received the name" Roma "from the IMC supplier with 20 per month. The doctor demanded that 1200 be paid to him by check or cash only, and when I asked who would write the check, he asked me to leave open. "

"The check was paid once, for example, at the Havivaala Spa," says Tal. "I have no idea what it is, but I just wanted to be left alone, I paid the money and I felt bitter."

In a conversation with Cannabis Magazine, before he hung up the phone, Dr. Adawi admitted the details but denied that it was a prohibited act and said that the service was given a legal invoice.

This was an additional payment by Tal to Dr. Adawi, in amounts that had accumulated so far to more than NIS 3,600 within two years, not only for a professional meeting to obtain a license, but for renewal periodically.

As of the next month, 2019, transfer of checks will be considered as a prima facie offense, but as of the date of payment of the above checks, this was not a violation of the law, but apparently only a matter of concern.

But the economic decrees imposed on Tal in order to obtain medical cannabis are only part of his coping, since although he holds a medical cannabis license, Can not get cannabis at all.

Tal received a new license in which he was directed to collect the supply of cannabis from one of the authorized pharmacies, but when he reached the pharmacy he was told that the dosage was not available for him.

He had to wait a long time and check out several pharmacies, but now he was left unanswered as the cannabis stock in pharmacies was gone. In correspondence with one of the pharmacies that he published on the network, one can see this very well.

Watsap talks with the pharmacy indicating a shortage of cannabis
Watsap talks with the pharmacy indicating a shortage of cannabis

Of course, the shortage of cannabis in pharmacies is not the responsibility of the attending physician, but for the purpose of obtaining a new prescription with a dose that may be available in pharmacies, patients like Tal have to make a new appointment to the doctor and pay large amounts of money over and over again.

"For some reason, it does not interest anyone that sick patients do not get medical treatment because of a shortage," he says in a conversation with Cannabis magazine. "What if suddenly there was no Optalgin in pharmacies? What if all the tomatoes were gone? The state was going crazy, all the newspapers had headlines. Lack of medical cannabis does not interest anyone? "

Due to the lack of cannabis, Tal, like many other patients, filed an official complaint with the Ombudsman. "This is a serious blow to me personally, my health, the happiness of my family, my dear wife, and my little daughter."

Despite repeated exposure in the Cannabis magazine about a severe shortage of cannabis in the drugstore, including quotations and recordings from drug dealers saying this in their voice, the director of the medical cannabis unit in the Health Ministry, Yuval Landshafet, claims that it is the "News News" distributed by Cannabis magazine.

No response was received from the Health Ministry.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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