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The ridiculous reason why patients have not received cannabis for two months

"There is no indica, there is Sativa": Because of a professional failure of the Ministry of Health to formulate procedures for handling medical cannabis (the "green book"), there is a severe shortage of supplies for patients. "I went back to narcotic," says S., son of 55. "Out of stock and no arrival," the pharmacies say. "Coming soon," manufacturers promise.

The new distribution of cannabis in pharmacies according to the new regulation - by category "Sativa / Indica" rather than by species - leads to patients being left without supplies, despite the Ministry of Health's promises.

Under the old system, patients could choose any variety of cannabis they would like, regardless of the quantity of active ingredients, but the new regulatory procedure prevents this and allows only a product from a specific category.

Cannabis deficiency in pharmacies
One of many patients who can not receive supplies because of a professional error of the Ministry of Health

This change led to a situation in which there is indeed cannabis product available at the pharmacy, but patients can not purchase it because they have been associated by the treating physician with a different category.

For example, a Cannabis patient who received a license in the new format was assigned by his physician to the T15 / C3 category - that is, strains with 15% THC (11% -NNUMX% THC) and 19% CBD (3% -NNUMX% CBD ).

On the face of it, this is a very wide range, even too wide, and creates a situation where a patient receives one product with 19% THC for example, or 11% THC under the same treatment category.

Cannabis Medical Table
Table of categories of new medical cannabis: distribution according to "indica / sativa" and percentages of active ingredients

This gap, which enables selection from a wide variety of products, ostensibly does the opposite, because alongside the T15 / C3 category, the physician associates the patient with the category Of the "indica" type only.

G. came to the pharmacy with a prescription for the Indica T15 / C3 category, but the pharmacy had only Sativa T15 / C3 products. The pharmacist refused to give him the monthly supplies and G. was left without treatment.

After further investigation it turned out that this category of "T15 / C3 indica" is not available in all Pharmacies in Israel, according to Super Pharm and Telefarme Networks due to the lack of supply from the manufacturing companies ("Sheikh", "Aspiration for Life" and "Panaxia").

The manufacturers, in part, admit that the supply has run out, but make it clear that a solution is expected soon. "Thousands of T15 / C3 units will be available for use in pharmacies in the next few days," they said.

Watsap Medical Cannabis Talk
"Out of stock - no arrival": shortage of cannabis due to a professional failure of the Ministry of Health

However, this determination by the Ministry of Health to be classified according to the "indica / sativa" categories, which causes a shortage without a real cause, is based on "The Green Book"- a professional booklet formulated by the director of the IMCA Yuval Landschaft.

According to the new procedure, doctors are instructed to issue prescriptions for medical cannabis according to conditions Who are not Based science or research, since already proven That there is no sufficient scientific basis, and certainly not a medical one, for the separation between Indica and Sativa.

Missing product - Indica T15 / C3
Missing product: Indica T15 / C3

In addition, the new procedure also stipulates Table According to which physicians administer different doses of cannabis according to the disease or problem that the patient suffers from.

For example, it was determined that patients suffering from bowel disease should receive products from the T5 / C10 category, and that patients with epilepsy are referred for T1 / C20 products.

These two statements are not backed up by any scientific explanation, and they may have been accepted in understanding whether this was not a change that actually leads to patients not receiving supplies because they have been associated by a doctor with a different category that is not available in pharmacies.

T15: C3 INDICA - GROSS. "In the license I am entitled to the inflorescence but they have only a gross"

"I've been treated for 7 for the past few years and now I've paid 370 a month, now it's close to 1,000 a month," says S., son of 55, one of the patients left without supplies for more than two months.

S. was forced to run around these days between pharmacies all over the country in an attempt, which failed, to find a product that would fit his prescription. At each branch he was told that there was no supply from the product he had registered, or that there was no supply at all.

"I spoke with TeleParama, who makes deliveries from pharmacies. They told me that one product costs NIS 160 and the other 180 NIS. I asked what the difference was, they told me it was better, "he describes. "How could there be one better product? What does that mean about the second product that patients are given? "

"In any case, Telefarma had only the bloated inflorescence of Indium T15 / C3, although I am entitled to regular inflorescences. It just was not, "he explained. "Super-Pharm did not have any kind of inflorescences like that. I drove to Karmiel because they told me on the phone that they had. Only when I arrived did they tell me that there really was not. "

S., who until the beginning of the cannabis treatment needed a prescription ("drugs") due to a disease called "Birger" from which he suffers and caused the amputation of one of his legs, now indicates that he returned to narcotic and afraid to become addicted again opiates.

"I wrote letters to the Minister of Health, to the Comptroller, the LIC, to the public. The doctor says she can not change the prescription because that's what was prescribed to her according to the procedures of the Health Ministry. "

The Health Ministry preferred not to give a response.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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