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The parents of the Telegras managers set up a committee: "Where are the lawyers who support legalization?"

The parents of 10 from the Telegras organization, who are being held in Nitzana Prison, wrote to lawyers around the country asking them to help them with legal representation for a payment. "Not looking for donations, happy to pay, but need help," they say. "Good people have gotten into a complicated situation and the police are taking revenge."

"This is the Dreyfus trial," claims T., the father of one of the managers of the Tellegras organization, and together with the parents of the other managers arrested at Nitzana Prison, is aided by lawyers who support legalization.

T. founded the "Telegras Parents' Committee" which in the meantime includes the parents of 10. They claim that they are good people who have not earned any money from the organization and need assistance now.

According to T., a dentist by profession, the parents will be happy to pay for legal representation for their sons, but the lawyers who are handling the case are now asking for millions of shekels for continued representation, after two weeks ago a large indictment was filed.

"We're not looking for donations or raising money - just trying to find lawyers, maybe those who support legalization, to give a reasonable price proposition," he explains in a conversation with Cannabis magazine.

"At first, private lawyers represented NIS 1,000 for a payment of 20, but for the next part they want between 500 and NIS 1,000,000 or more for each case, for each defendant," he says.

T's son, who used Telegras as "Dove", has been detained with his colleagues for almost two months, from the 12.3, and is considering turning to the Public Defender's Office for free representation.

However, before they decide to approach the Public Defender's Office, the parents try to locate professional lawyers and experts in this field who will agree to represent for a lower amount.

"We appeal to the public mostly lawyers, currently 10 families have out of the 27 committee," says T.. "My son was wrong, but he does not deserve such punishment." According to T., contrary to the police's claim that Telegras encouraged trafficking and drug use by teenagers, in practice, management did not support it.

"The head of the organization may have supported the employment of youth in trade and use, but I am not sure that all the workers were identified with the head of the organization and what he said, and from what I understand the members of the board did not agree with him," he explains.

To the obvious question of where all the money the organization has earned in amounts that the police claim amounts to tens of millions of shekels and fairly high monthly salaries, the father replied: "I can say about my son. He has no money. They were all normative people. It grew and expanded, it sucked them in. I myself financed it. He was a sucker because he was not paid a salary at all. "

In a letter sent to law offices across the country, Telegras 'parents' committee said, "This is a bunch of high-quality, educated young people who contributed to the company in their field, many of them computers and high-tech people, startups, accountants, former fighter pilots, .

"This is a group of young people who wanted to smoke cannabis from time to time and encountered many difficulties. On the one hand, there is a blind eye on self-consumption by the authorities, but on the other hand there is no address for achieving cannabis in a safe or orderly manner, because legalization is delayed."

"The main goal of these young people was to donate their spare time to the cannabis consumers in order to make it accessible to those who need it," they wrote. "None of them imagined the level of success and popularity of the project that grew to very large dimensions."

Although the organization's director, Amos Silver, encouraged young people to trade and smoke cannabis, the parents claim that "all the talk about encouraging sales to minors and astronomical profits is incorrect, and this is deliberate dissemination by the police in order to increase the level of crime in the affair."

"It is not inconceivable that considerations of 'closing accounts' have entered here after bragging and unnecessary statements by the Telegras population. My position as a father is that offenses - there are. Organized crime - no. At most, this is an act of civil disobedience by impatient young people. "

The father decided to establish the "Telegras Parents' Committee" in order to raise the amount of money required for legal representation for the dozens of detainees in the affair. "I've heard the sums the lawyers are asking, it's astronomical amounts that none of the families will be able to meet," he says.

"I do not underestimate the seriousness of the offenses but I have the feeling that there is a combination of hands from the police and the prosecution to inflict severe and disproportionate punishment on our children who chose to live and create here and not abroad, unlike many other young people." "This will undoubtedly be a show trial, and this was defined by one of the worried parents in the corridors of the court as the Dreyfus trial."

The father also notes that after meeting the families of the detainees in the courts, he understood that they were good families. "I saw all the families who came to court. Sorry, these are not criminal families, "he said. "On the contrary, I saw some of the detainees, in two words: the best of the boys."

He said that in the conversations between the two boys, there was great concern about the costs of legal representation and they intended to seek the assistance of the Public Defender's Office. "Without disparaging or harming the Public Defender's Office, I appeal to the Israeli lawyers in the field to offer their assistance to the detainees in exchange for a payment in which the accused's parents can also stand."

For the full letter sent by the Telegras parents' committee to the lawyers click here.

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