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Head of the Securities Authority: The cannabis industry on the TASE is liable to be a bubble

Senior executives in the cannabis industry claim that the entry of publicly traded companies into the medical cannabis field has created an economic bubble that is far from the true value of the activity. The chairman of the Securities Authority, which is responsible for the Israeli stock exchange, claims that this is probably true.

The first public comment of the Chairman of the Securities Authority, Anat Gueta, on the activity of public companies in the field of cannabis in the Israeli capital market.

According to a Reuters report She said Guetta said that the activity of the cannabis companies on the TASE could be an economic bubble.

Anat Gueta, Head of Israel Securities Authority (screenshot: YouTube)
Anat Gueta, Head of Israel Securities Authority (screenshot: YouTube)

"Bubbles are part of the nature of capital markets and I do not think you can get away with it," she said. "We set up a special unit to closely monitor the sector to protect investors."

26 currently has companies operating in the field of cannabis in Israel, with an estimated market value of 3.4 billion. However, most are only in the initial stages of activity.

Guetta's words come several months after the Securities Authority First released Warning to investors regarding publicly traded companies that declare their intention to enter into activity in the cannabis sector.

"It is important that investors pay due attention to the investment in this area," they said, among other things, in the PA, a few weeks after the Canadian and US authorities issued similar warnings.

According to Prof. Didi Meiri, one of the world's leading cannabis researchers, it was a bubble that would hold 4 until 5 for years, until it exploded.

"This is the mother of the bubbles," said. "Companies that sell for a hundred thousand dollars are worth billions. This bubble has a life span of about five years, we have four years of shedding money, and after that it will be like the days of the Internet bubble. Here, too, the best and best companies will remain, and the rest of them recruited, enjoyed, replaced a car and disappeared. "

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