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Police officers recruited a minor threats to incriminate a Cannabis merchant - and severely beat the messenger

Do not be deterred by means: the police recruited a minor threats caught with 30 ginous cannabis, in order for it to help her incriminate a dealer. The merchant was not caught but an agent on his behalf was severely beaten by the police after arriving at the scene with 10 grams of cannabis ordered by the minor at the order of the police. According to the police, the messenger tried to escape and even beat a police car and endangered the lives of the police.

An Israeli young man of 17, a resident of the north, was caught by the police with 30 caused by cannabis. With excessive threats he was recruited by the police to incriminate the Cannabis merchant in exchange for his release without penalty.

"Two weeks ago I was caught and wanted to shut me down on trading for 3 for years," the young man tried to explain after the incident in a conversation that came to Cannabis magazine. "I'm in front of an army and I do not have the strength for these problems and I just want to smoke sometimes."

He also explained: "They told me to drop someone from the Telegraph and close your file. I had no choice. A policeman named Jenin from the Katzrin police told me at the end of the interrogation, 'You'll call the place like this,' and that's what I did, I'm sorry and feel guilty. "

In his interrogation, he was charged by the police with the trade and told that he would be sentenced to 3 years in prison, although the punishment for holding cannabis for self-use is, of course, much lower and certainly not leading to imprisonment.

The minor with a forged identity card that he received from the police
The minor with a forged identity card received from the police in order to incriminate a merchant. Finally only the messenger was caught, and severely beaten

The policemen suggested to the young man that in exchange for helping them catch a merchant, he would be released without charge.

The young man, who was about to be drafted into the IDF, was frightened by the threat and implications of such an indictment for his life, and decided to cooperate.

The police issued a forged identity card to the young man, with whom he verified the "Telegram" application, and then ordered 10 ginabis from a dealer In one of the popular groups.

The merchant himself, whom the police apparently hoped to seize, forwarded the invitation to the emissary, a Haifa resident of 21, to carry out the transfer.

According to some of the claims when the messenger arrived at the place where the delivery was scheduled, the policemen surprised him and beat him vigorously in the face until his eyes were filled with blood and blue marks.

An emissary of Cannabis who was beaten by the police
The messenger who was beaten by the police

On the other hand, the police claim that the story is a little different and that the messenger was not arrested merely because he tried to escape, did not respond to calls to arrest a police car and allegedly tried to hit policemen with his vehicle.

Finally, according to the police, the car was found to be much more than 10 grams ordered, distributed and ready for distribution.

This morning the suspect will be brought to the Magistrate's Court in Kiryat Shmona.

The Israeli police did not deny the details of the report and the initiative to incriminate a merchant by means of irrational threats against a minor, but in response to a Cannabis magazine report that the violence was caused by the risk posed by the police.

"The Israel Police considers violence and bullying of any kind to be severe," the magazine said in response. "We do not detail the ongoing investigations, but we should note that yesterday the Israeli police arrested a drug dealer who tried to escape the policemen who ordered him to stop, hit a police car and even tried to hit policemen with his vehicle. In search of the vehicle, cannabis drugs were seized in large quantities, distributed and ready for distribution. The suspect (21, Haifa) will be brought this morning for a hearing on the request to extend his remand in the Kiryat Shmona peace office. We will continue to investigate the case thoroughly and carry out all the necessary investigative activities in order to reach the truth and to bring to justice those involved. "

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

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