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In honor of the Eurovision Song Contest: The Cannabis protest tent was opened in Tel Aviv

Activists set up a tent in Tel Aviv to protest what they describe as abuse of medical cannabis patients and the call for legalization in Israel. Police arrived at the scene overnight and ordered the dismantling of the tents. The activists intend to remain there until Saturday night and expose their difficulties to the Eurovision guests from Israel and around the world.

Medical cannabis and legalization activists set up a protest tent on Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv on Thursday and are planning to stay there throughout the weekend of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Among other things, the activists are interested in exposing to the Eurovision guests from Israel and around the world the difficulties faced by patients and the Israeli government's policy towards consumers of cannabis.

Cannabis protest tent Tel Aviv
The protest tent that opened in Tel Aviv in honor of the Eurovision Song Contest

Several dozen protest activists arrived in the area yesterday, and are planning to stay there until Saturday night. "The people of Israel are welcome to come and support," they say in a conversation with Cannabis magazine.

During the weekend there are lectures, workshops and trainings for use in cannabis, as well as demonstrations and marches calling for legalization in Israel.

On Friday, the activists plan to hold a demonstration in front of the Facebook office building on Rothschild 22, protesting the social network policy that makes it difficult to expose publications related to cannabis.

During the first night, police and inspectors arrived at the site and ordered the tent encampment to be dismantled. Nevertheless, the activists remained there and intend to stay there until Saturday night.

One of the protestors, Larissa, who has breast cancer, said she had been trying for two months to obtain a medical cannabis license and only recently succeeded.

However, she notes that the new prices are high for her, and she can not stand them alongside other treatments. She also notes that there is not enough selection of cannabis products in pharmacies.

Another participant in the demonstration said his goal was to protest the reform. "We want to get back to the previous format, so we will get supply through the manufacturers and not 'cat in the bag' through the pharmacies," he said.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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