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Hundreds of grams of cannabis and hashish were caught on a naval ship

Fighters from an elite unit of the Navy were arrested and sent to prison after a Military Police investigation revealed that they regularly used cannabis and hashish on the ship, including during operational activity.

Outstanding fighters from an elite navy unit held cannabis and hashish on a Navy battleship and smoked during an operational operation, according to an indictment recently filed by the Judge Advocate General's Office.

According to the details of the indictment, some of which were revealed in an article by Shimon Ifergan Mako site, The soldiers held the cannabis together in a special safe in the hold, as well as in their rooms.

Navy battleship (Photo: Abir Sultan, Flash 90)
Navy battleship (Photo: Abir Sultan, Flash 90)

"This is no longer the case of a soldier caught on a whip," says a senior Navy official, noting that he is disappointed. "These are some of the best fighters in the navy, guys who were chosen in tweezers and who were supposed to serve in senior positions in the future."

A soldier in the unit says: "There were talk of fighters bringing home grass and hashish and smoking on deck, but no one believed it was true, they thought it was just gossip, the guys here are the top of the top. This is people who are being accepted by hard tests, reliability tests. Their valence is supposed to be iron, that's the basis. "

Although there were rumors of cannabis being used on the ship at first, the commanders did not take any sanctions, but after one of the commanders noticed a paper sticking out of the pocket of one of the soldiers, he asked to see and identified it as cannabis.

The investigation began and revealed that there were soldiers who bought cannabis at Telegras and used to smoke while on board. When the investigators raided the ship they found hundreds of grams of cannabis and hashish.

According to Makko, an MPCID officer testified that the soldiers who had been interrogated were ready for interrogation, denied that they had smoked cannabis, and some of them even had clean urine tests. "It was hard to break them, the interrogations went deep into the night and some preferred to keep the right to remain silent. In the end, we managed to get one soldier to incriminate them all, "he said.

Among other things, it was discovered that "shawarma" was the code word for cannabis in conversations between the soldiers. "I just ordered shawarma. Brother, the Kessonian of A. with the material and everything in me, "wrote one of the fighters to his friend.

"This has happened at least once in the last six months," testified one of the arrested fighters. "We would go down to the little room with stuff that everyone brings for himself and they smoke there, share the accessories and roll up."

Navy battleship (Photo: Hadas Porush, Flash 90)
Navy battleship (Photo: Hadas Porush, Flash 90)

The commander of the ship, an officer with the rank of lieutenant colonel, testified to the MPCID investigators that this was a real danger. "It's enough that one of the soldiers is stoned after smoking grass and the ship can drown as a result of a simple fault," he said. "Such a soldier may also give details about the unit's activity, photographing the ship from the inside or mistakenly dealing with the weapon while it is stoned and endangering human life. If a soldier uses a system that does not have to be operated, it can endanger the ship. "

The soldiers were arrested and the Judge Advocate General recently filed indictments. Most were sentenced to two to three months' imprisonment, along with a demotion. "We are still gathering the pieces here," a unit source said. "For us it is a hard blow. It can be said that this is the watershed. "

The IDF Spokesperson stated in response: "In February, indictments were filed against the soldiers serving in the Navy, in which offenses of using drugs under military and civilian circumstances, including on vessels, were submitted to the military court. The IDF denounces any use of drugs and will continue to take a variety of measures to prevent the commission of drug offenses in its ranks. "

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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