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2019 Conference - Event Summary

Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, the state's witness in the 3000 affair, and the legendary soccer team captain Tal Benin are only part of the guests at the annual Kanabak conference. Cannabis Magazine visited the event, watched the article.

For the fifth year in a row, businesspeople, entrepreneurs and investors gathered together with scientists and researchers from dozens of countries around the world to take part in the international Kanabak conference.

The event was held in the Trask auditorium in the Tel Aviv Port, where more than 1000 guests from different fields of interest visited.

The participants enjoyed a vast area where new and original products and developments were displayed, along with enriching lectures from experts in a variety of industry-relevant fields such as genetics, agriculture, medical research and more.

"CBD products will deal with price change"

The guest of honor at the conference, and who opened the event with a festive lecture, was former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who was named last year as chairman of the cannabis company Kandok. Barak gave a lecture in which he gave an overview of the global cannabis market as he sees the situation from his point of view:

"In two or three years, in the worst case of four years, CBD end products will face price changes," he said. He said this would happen "following a steady increase in the number of cannabis growers from all over the world."

After the lecture We caught To Barak for a short interview in which he claimed, inter alia, that "Israel is ready for legalization."

Regarding the future of medical cannabis industry he said that he expects a clearer divergence of medical cannabis industry and a branch of leisure. "Both will enjoy tremendous development and in Israel, which enjoys a very good pool of science and information, we are at an excellent starting point."

Ehud Barak at the "
"CBD products will deal with price changes," Ehud Barak at the Cannatech conference

Another interesting guest was Cam Batley, CEO of Aurora, a Canadian company, considered one of the three largest cannabis companies in the world. He spoke about the development of medical cannabis around the world, and about the importance of maintaining compassion and trust for patients seeking cannabis.

"If the patient tells you that the symptoms of his bowel disease have decreased, whether we have the results of the clinical study or not yet - are not we obligated to believe them?" He said.

Real cannabis plants from tissue culture

On the lower floor there was an exhibition of stands of companies from Israel and abroad, among which were the stands of Canadian companies Vanguard Scientific Systems, which specializes in producing carbon dioxide extracts using advanced closed-loop devices. The company is based in Switzerland and produces CBD products with the approval of the Ministry Swiss health and more.

From the video of "Cassie"
Electric and automatic locking: From a video clip of "Cassie"

Another booth that aroused interest in the conference belonged to the American-Israeli company Cassie, which manufactures an advanced device for storing cannabis containing a number of elements connected to the IOT ("the internet of things" or "verbs" in proper Hebrew).

"Cassi stores cannabis under the best conditions by constantly controlling temperature and humidity levels," says Mia, the company's representative. "He has a small electrical grinder that reduces the damage to the tritoms, and he even gives a warning every time someone tries to open it."

Cannabis plants made from tissue culture
The real cannabis plants of the "Ilan Bio" company were produced from tissue culture

For the first time at the conference, real cannabis plants, developed from tissue culture, were introduced for the first time - an advanced technique for breeding and breeding (a variety that does not require a sexual procedure such as cuttings).

"We took tissue from an outside plant and put it into a laboratory," explains Liam Gal-On of Ilan Bio, which specializes in tissue culture. "We cleaned the tissue from bacteria and viruses, and we began to include it in laboratory conditions and to produce identical twins in the most efficient manner possible - by mass production of cannabis in laboratory conditions."

Tal Benin: "The cannabis helped me in a way that I can not describe"

In addition to former prime minister Ehud Barak, it was possible to locate a few familiar faces in the audience, who apparently find interest in the cannabis industry.

One of them was Ari Haru, who until recently was a consultant to Prime Minister Netanyahu and is now a witness to a central state in all three cases against the former boss.

"This is a wonderful event," said Harrow. "The growth of this industry globally has caught my attention for several years now. The technology and innovation coming from Israel is simply amazing."

Ari Harro at the Kanabak cannabis conference
"The technology and innovation that comes out of Israel is simply amazing," Ari Harry said at the conference,

Other well-known stars were former captain of the Israeli national football team, Tal Benin, who in an interview with Cannabis magazine described how cannabis helped him cope with the pain that came at the end of his professional career.

"The cannabis helped me in a way that I can not even describe," said Benin. "I did so many injections during my life, I took so many pills that definitely hurt me in one way or another, and suddenly they gave me a natural solution"

Tal Benin at the Kanatak cannabis conference
"The cannabis helped me in a way that I can not even describe," Tal Benin at the Cannatech conference,

During the interview, Benin also revealed that he is already taking an active part in the cannabis industry, but did not agree to expand much further. "I've been involved in a number of hats in the field, and recently I also came back from a trip abroad that was related to this field - but not in Israel."

"It's amazing to see what's happening in Israel"

The conference guests who came from Israel and abroad expressed their appreciation for the positive atmosphere in the event and the anticipation of future developments.

"The industry here is very professional, very forward-driven where people want to make a difference for the better," testified Luka, a representative of CBG Projects in Barcelona. "It's not like the Cannabis Congress in Europe, which is more aimed at the consumer audience, so it's more like a stellar party. It's a professional environment where we can do good business with colleagues."

A display of Cannabis distillation machine in Canatec
Cannabis distillation machine

"I think it's amazing to be in a country so rich in history - and we're dealing with an ancient plant that holds so much potential," says Mirander of Canada's Supreme Cannabis. "I think the initiative and the innovation here were wonderful in the two days I was here, I had very good conversations."

"It's really amazing to see what is going on in Israel and to see the cannabis export market take off," said Charles Nigan, a Cannabis business consultant in Colorado, USA. "I very much hope it will be implemented as soon as possible, I think the rest of the world is waiting for it."

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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