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After 30 Years of Activity: The Knesset Drug Committee may close

After the Anti-Drug Authority Law was repealed two years ago, the clause in the law establishing a Knesset committee, the Committee for the Fight against Drug Abuse, was also abolished. Cannabis activists now demand that it not reopen.

The Knesset's Committee for the Fight against Drug Abuse, which was set up in 1989, may for the first time not open up again in the 21 Knesset.

The committee is one of the non-permanent committees of the Knesset, that is, it and its powers are not anchored in the Knesset's statutes as opposed to other committees.

It was established by virtue of the Anti-Drug Authority Law, as an accompanying committee for the activities of the Authority, and was initially supposed to operate for one year only.

After a year of activity, it was decided that she would continue her work and since then she has been reestablished at every subsequent Knesset session.

During its years of operation, the committee has been defined as responsible for "comprehensive treatment of the drug problem in the State of Israel", "creating resources for dealing more with the lesion", etc.

For many years the committee was run Mainly By Knesset members from Shas and the Arab parties, who were careful to issue calls against any easing or reconsideration of policy.

However, in the previous session of the Knesset there was a significant change in the committee's activity after it was decided that MK Tamar Sandberg (Meretz) would be the committee's chairman. Zandberg was the head of the first committee to support the legalization of cannabis, and she has promoted discussions in favor of drug and cannabis relief in particular.

But recently, with cancelation The Anti-Drug Authority Law and the transfer of its powers to bodies under the Ministry of Public Security, the section on the law establishing a committee that is accompanied by the Knesset was also removed, and therefore it may no longer be established.

On Tuesday, attorney Hetz David, a veteran activist of Cannabis, wrote to Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein and MK Michi Zohar, chairman of the Knesset Preparatory Committee, to refrain from opening an anti-drug committee in the upcoming Knesset .

According to him, with the cancellation of the Anti-Drug Authority Law, there was no legal basis for the committee's existence, and therefore it had to be canceled in 2017. In addition, the committee creates a false consciousness that increases the feeling that there is a drug problem in Israel.

"Due to the fact that every week the members of the Knesset are told how many drug damage the Knesset members lose proportionality and think the scope of the problem is greater than its real size," he says.

He also notes that from information he received, "no party in the Knesset is interested in leading the committee, and in any event, if it closes, discussions on these issues will be held within the framework of permanent committees or lobbies, leading to more positive discussions on the subject."

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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