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What will legalization look like in Israel? 4 models that can be adopted from abroad

The United States, Canada, Uruguay, the Netherlands and Spain already allow the sale of cannabis in a controlled manner to adult residents, and when legalization is closer than ever to Israel, 4 models are one of them that the government can adopt.

The legalization of cannabis has become a hot topic in Israel's current election campaign. But what is legalization? What does Benny Gantz mean when he talks about legalization in a conservative Colorado model, and what does Feiglin plan to declare that cannabis will be sold only in pharmacies?

The concern is that the government will finally decide to hand over management of the legal cannabis market to the NII, the medical cannabis unit of the Health Ministry, headed by Yuval Landshafat, who is responsible for managing the medical cannabis market.

Legalization is of course making cannabis legal, but there is more than one way to do it. Different countries have applied different models of legalization - from the liberal model of the United States and Canada to the conservative model of Uruguay.

In general, 4 has had major models in the world so far: the US and Canada have chosen a free market model, Uruguay has followed state sponsored pharmacies, and Amsterdam and Barcelona have found an efficient intermediate solution in the form of coffee shops or friends' clubs.

USA / Canada - Free market

The first countries in the United States to authorize legalization in 2012 were Washington and Colorado, which opened their first cannabis stores on 2014. Since 8, other US states have authorized legalization, and all have done so according to the open-market model in which the government issues licenses to sell cannabis, similar to what is done with alcohol.

Legalization in the United States Created Hundreds of thousands of new jobs, And the entrance Hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes to countries.

The law varies from country to country, but generally states that have permitted legalization are allowed to own 30-60 grams for their own use, and grow as 5 plants. The price for cannabis also varies from country to country, but stands at an average of About 50 NIS Per gram. About 16.2% Of the adult population in the US consumes cannabis.

In terms of taxation, Washington charges a purchase tax of 37%, Oregon 17%, Massachusetts 10.75%, and California 15%. Colorado has a purchase tax of 15% and an indirect tax (excise) of another 15%. Nevada has a purchase tax of 10% and an indirect tax (excise) of 15%.

Canada Approved for legalization In 2018, and also chose the free market model. In Canada it is permitted to hold the public until 30 has grown and grown up to 4 plants. Anyone who gets a license can open a store, and the government charges one Canadian dollar per gram.

The average price per gram in the legal market of Canada is 33 NIS (Slightly higher than the black market price), and the country has about one million cannabis consumers Bureau of Statistics The Canadian. This means that 14 of Canada's adult population has used cannabis in the past year. In Israel, for the sake of comparison, this is about 27% of the adult population data Of the Anti-Drug Authority.

Holland - You turned a blind eye

In contrast to its image as the capital of European cannabis, in the Netherlands there is no official legalization but more 'blind eye' by the authorities. The Coffee Shop The famous have always had to rely on the supply of cannabis illegal from the black market, since the increase of more than 5 plants per person is still not allowed.

The Dutch government is currently exploring the possibility of changing its approach to the issue, and is now experimenting with issuing initial licenses to a limited number of breeders to legally provide cannabis to Coffee Shop. This is the first step towards formal regulation of the cannabis market for recreational use in the Netherlands, which has operated in a legally gray area.

The Coffee Shop in the Netherlands pays an average of 400 million (€ 1.6 billion) a year in taxes to the government, with a purchase tax rate of 20%. Currently, there is no indirect tax on Cannabis in the Netherlands, although some politicians want to apply it.

The Netherlands has 17.2 million inhabitants and 900 has 1,000 cannabis consumers - a much lower consumption rate than in Israel. The average price per gram in the country is 45 NIS after taxes.

Uruguay - government legalization

Uruguay is the first country to ratify Cannabis's legalization in 2013, but this is the case Entered into force Only in 2017. Unlike the other countries that did so, in Uruguay the government is in fact the one selling cannabis, which is sold only in government pharmacies. Tourists are forbidden to purchase cannabis in the country.

The state limits the amount ofTHC Cannabis, which is known to 15%, and also limits the amount of cannabis that a person can buy for 40 grams a month, but at a very low cost of NIS 5 per gram. Allowed to grow at home until seedlings 6.

Unlike other countries that have legalized so far, Uruguay No height No tax on Cannabis sales, to make sure the price of government cannabis is no higher than cannabis on the black market.

Uruguay has 3.5 million inhabitants, and 9.3% of the adult population consumes cannabis. The average price per gram in the country is 6 NIS. The legal cannabis market in Uruguay is expected to be equivalent to 476 million until 2028, of which 319 is NIS 1 million from the medical market and NIS 157 is from the leisure market.

Spain - Cannabis Clubs

In general Spain has Non-incrimination Of cannabis consumption and growth for self-use. Moreover, a breach in the Spanish law enabled 1991 to establish a "Cannabis ClubsWhich, like Coffee Shop in Holland, sells cannabis legally but relies on black market merchandise.

As of 2017 Spain has over 500 Cannabis clubs, more than 200 of them are in Barcelona. Officially, in order to join clubs you must receive an invitation from someone who is already a member - but many clubs do not enforce this law and allow registration online or by phone.

Spain has 46.6 million inhabitants and 2.8 million cannabis consumers. The average price per gram in the country is 17.5 NIS. The cannabis clubs pay taxes to the state like any other business - but there is no specific tax on cannabis sales.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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