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Uganda's Health Minister Denies Reports of '

Uganda's Health Minister says the law is the only one authorized to allow medical cannabis to grow in Uganda and has never given such a permit to any company, contrary to statements made by the Israeli company Tathive, which insists that it has all the permits.

Despite Cannabis magazine's exposure to the fact that it does not have the legal permits to grow medical cannabis in Uganda, Tachive, headed by Yohanan Danino, Reports to the stock exchange That will soon begin marketing cannabis grown in the African country.

As mentioned a month ago She said The Ugandan Ministry of Health said in response to Cannabis magazine that no company was allowed to grow cannabis or medical cannabis in Uganda and that the sole authority to provide such a permit - according to the law in Uganda - is only the Ministry of Health.

Jane Etcheng, Health Minister of Uganda (screenshot: YouTube)
"I have never given such a permit" - Dr. Jane Etcheng, Uganda's Minister of Health (screenshot: YouTube)

"There is not a single company that received a permit to grow cannabis in Uganda," the ministry's spokesperson said at the time. "If this company claims that it has such a certificate, please let its managers present you with a copy of this certification."

Tashibh refused to reveal the same authorization from the Ministry of Justice, and in response only replied that the magazine had to obtain the response of the Ugandan health minister herself, not that of the ministry's spokesmen.

After another comprehensive review conducted by the magazine with a Ugandan journalist, Ugandan Minister of Health Jane Aceng announced Monday that she had indeed given no approval to any company to grow cannabis in the country.

"I never gave such a permit," said Minister Dr. Etcheng yesterday. "The Cabinet convened and held that we must carry out a more comprehensive examination on this matter. The law allows the Minister of Health to approve this and only after that can the procedure be continued. I did not approve it. "

Recently followed Exposing the affair Cannabis published a series of letters to the Stock Exchange stating that the certificates were in their hands, although they were signed by the Uganda Anti-Drug Authority (NDA) and not by the health minister.

Cannabis also met Uganda's Agriculture Minister Vincent Sempia, who also stated that as far as he knew, there was no approval for any company to grow cannabis in Uganda.

Following the report, Tasteh published a statement stating that one of the company's owners, Nir Sussinsky, met with the Minister Samfiya who approved his activities in the field in Uganda.

After reporting this response, the minister said that "the process of issuing the licenses is still ongoing," but yesterday (Monday) said in response to a request to him that he does not remember what stage this procedure came to.

In a report to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Tasheva said that one of the factors he had given to the Ugandan company with which she was in business relations was the local minister of justice, Kehinda Utfair, who approved permits to grow, produce and even export cannabis abroad.

But once again, in a conversation with Ugandan journalist, Minister of Justice Otfier claimed that these were false claims. "You do not know what you're talking about," the minister protested to the journalist.

No response was received from Tashefer.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

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