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The investigation of "Telegras" ended: 22 suspects in membership in a criminal organization

After more than a year of covert activity and the operation of an agent in the organization's management, the police announced that the Talgras investigation had been completed and that an evidentiary infrastructure had been established for indictments against 22 detainees. The app is running normally.

The Israel Police today officially announced that it had completed its work Investigation of the case Known as "Tellegras," according to VIP reports.

According to the report in the national cyber unit at the company 433 in cooperation with the Northern District, a diamond unit at the Tax Authority and the investigations unit of the official receiver at the Justice Ministry are currently investigating the Telgras case.

"The case is mainly concerned with the alleged suspicion of dozens of suspected members of a criminal organization belonging to the highest level of management at Telegras, which has allowed a platform for the sale of dangerous drugs through the Telegram application," the report said.

"It is suspected that hundreds of millions of shekels worth of drugs worth tens of tons of drugs have been sold in the course of the organization's activities in Israel," it was reported.

In the morning, a prosecutor's statement was filed after sufficient evidence was established to establish suspicions against 22 of the detainees and the State Department's cyber department intends to file an indictment and an arrest request in the coming days until the end of the legal proceedings.

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The main suspect, according to the police, is that the suspects, each according to his share, "took part in the offenses of managing and financing a criminal organization, trading and supplying dangerous drugs within the framework of a criminal organization, brokering dangerous drug activities within the framework of a criminal organization, Crime within the framework of a criminal organization, the commission of tax offenses and other offenses. "

In total the investigation was taken testimony of 90 involving, 50 of whom were questioned in a warning. The total has so far been collected as 250 messages in the parsha. Some are suspected of running a criminal organization and others are members of the organization. Suspects were arrested and imprisoned for various periods of time according to the needs of the interrogation. 33 are still in detention at this stage when the others were released under restrictive conditions.

Additional investigative activities were carried out in cooperation with the enforcement authorities in the United States, Germany, Ukraine, Romania, France and the Netherlands. And many investigative materials, including suspects, and other computer materials, money and other assets intended for forfeiture were collected and analyzed.

The director of the Telgras organization, Amos Silver, was arrested in Ukraine and is currently undergoing extradition through the International Department of the State Attorney's Office.

"The investigation was conducted by the Israel Police in cooperation with the Tax Authority, the Investigations Department, the official receiver of the Ministry of Justice, and with continuous accompaniment of the cyber department of the State Attorney's Office, as well as the support of the International Department of the State Attorney's Office." "The activities were also carried out in cooperation with the Organized Crime and Corruption Division of the Security Service in Ukraine and other enforcement bodies in the United States and Germany."

According to the police, "Today it is one of the most significant and central infrastructures for the trade in dangerous drugs in Israel, and as mentioned above, dozens of members of the board of directors of various senior ranks, thousands of merchants and tens of thousands of users have taken part in the activity.

"The members of the network operated as a criminal organization for all intents and purposes, in an organized and methodical manner over a long period of time, when they managed to trade dangerous drugs of various kinds, including cocaine, MDMA And ecstasy in addition to huge amounts of hashish And marijuana, where every member of the organization has a unique and clear role to promote and facilitate the organization's activities, increase trade volumes, provide service to users, and increase financial income, thereby increasing the wages it receives for its activities. "

The police also determined that "the salaries of the workers and managers of the organization were transferred in cash, in Bitcoin or in drugs, while camouflaging the source of the funds. According to the researchers, the dangerous drugs were also provided to the minors by the Tellegras platform. "

In response, the police said that "as part of the commitment of the Israel Police for Peace and Public Security, the police will continue to employ a variety of operational and intelligence measures to expose and enforce, in conjunction with enforcement agencies around the world, serious and organized criminal phenomena inside and outside the cyberspace. With the offenders. "

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