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Telegras managers' salary was revealed: "30 earned NIS 1 million from Mediator"

Encouraging the use and sale of drugs to minors, a profit of tens of millions from mediation, money laundering and tax evasion are only part of the indictment list filed against 27 Thursday.

Indictments were filed Thursday morning at the Lod District Court against 27, one of the managers of Tellegras, the organization that managed most of the online trading in cannabis and drugs in the last two years in Israel.

Telegras claimed that they had no money and that the organization's director, Amos Silver, had not earned money from the activity. However, the charges filed by the prosecution's cyber department claimed that 30 executives earned NIS 1 million from mediating cannabis deals and drugs in hundreds of millions of shekels and tens of tons.

According to the salary details at Telegras,

  • VP Operations: 35,000 NIS per month
  • Senior Programmer: 22,500 NIS per month and 50
  • VP Human Resources: 12,500 NIS per month
  • Head of the Shlichim Department: 12,000 NIS per month
  • Head of Development Branch: NIS 16,000 and 100 NIS 1,000
  • Audit branch manager: 15,000 NIS per month
  • Head of Psychedelic Branch: 5000 NIS per month
  • Branch head: 4000 NIS per month
  • Advisor to Head of Psychedelic Branch: 2000 NIS per month
  • Head of Branch: 5000 NIS per month

As already Revealed The organization's managers did collect money from merchants who wanted to advertise their wares in the organization's telegram groups, ranging from hundreds to thousands of shekels, depending on the group and the number of members.

In the indictments, the defendants are charged with offenses under the Anti-Crime Law, offenses of brokering dangerous drugs, trafficking in dangerous drugs, removal of a minor for dangerous drugs, possession of drugs that are not for personal consumption, disrupting legal proceedings, money laundering and tax evasion.

in the beginning of the week report That the prosecution sought to stop 22 from the organization's managers until the end of the legal proceedings, and that "hundreds of millions of shekels worth of drugs were sold in the framework of the organization's activity in Israel, and the total weight of tens of tons."

In the indictments, the cyber department notes that it has evidence that the organization's managers are allegedly responsible for the sale of such drugs LSD and-MDMA. The State Prosecutor's Office also emphasized that the defendants knowingly allowed the sale of drugs For minors And some even Encourage this.

According to data revealed by the cyber department in the organization, there were more than 3,000 merchants, of which at least 250 were minors. The number of clients of the organization stands at approximately 200, of which 1,000 are minors.

Ynet reports that the indictments also detail the organizational hierarchy of the network, with the head of the organization being Amos Silver, currently under arrest for the purpose of extradition from the Ukraine to Israel.

Yossi Malachi (also known as Gal), who is outside of Israel, and Barel Levy, who served as deputy chief operating officer of the organization, as well as Ofir Michel, who served as the organization's deputy director of human resources.

In the affair were investigated in total 50 suspects in the warning. Additional investigative activities were carried out in cooperation with the enforcement authorities in the United States, Germany, Ukraine, Romania, France and the Netherlands. Amos Silver, who is said to be the head of the chain, Still under arrest In Ukraine there is an extradition proceeding against him.

Attorneys Daniel Pe'er and Nir Yaslovich argue that Telegras was a positive initiative aimed at making cannabis accessible to those in need without having to deal with dubious criminals and traffickers.

Silver himself recently published a letter in which he claimed that "the whole idea of ​​Telegras is to enable those who need cannabis as a medicine or for leisure to do so without resorting to meeting criminals and protecting against sting or poor quality. The distorted and hallucinatory picture that you are trying to portray in violation and the trampling of my basic rights in order to convict me of a crime I have never committed will not succeed. "

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