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Patient Cannabis Medical? This will earn you financial compensation from the Ministry of Health in 5 minutes

Thousands of Cannabis patients were left without supplies because of the Ministry of Health's failures. Below is a draft statement of claim through which compensation can be obtained from the Ministry of Health, as has already happened in the past and without the need for a lawyer or a high fee.

Judgment Which was given about a month and a half ago, stated that the Ministry of Health should compensate NIS 4,000 for a medical cannabis patient who did not receive timely cannabis supply.

Due to delays in the arrival of medical cannabis, the patient was forced to buy cannabis on the black market, and therefore sued the Ministry of Health for this and finally reached a compromise with them in which he would receive the compensation.

In order to receive the compensation, the patient filed a small claim, without the representation of a lawyer, nor was he required to prove that he had indeed purchased cannabis on the black market.

On the basis of this ruling, thousands of patients can now file a similar claim The ongoing default At the Ministry of Health, that at least 1,800 patients remained without supplies.

In order to assist patients, Adv. Dekel Hetz-David Ozer prepared a draft of a small statement of claim in this matter, which can be filled in accordance with the individual details and the specific case of the patient.

As stated, there is no obligation to prove that Cannabis was indeed purchased on the black market, but in order to strengthen the claim, it was proven to attach to the claim evidence of withdrawing cash from the bank.

The statement of claim can be filed directly in court itself, after printing in 3 copies. A second option is to submit the claim through the Net Law website - for this purpose, a government identification process is required.

At present, a small claim can be made for a maximum of 33,900 NIS in a commission of 1% of the total claim. For example, if you have filed a claim for 15,000, you will be asked to pay 150 a commission.

  • A small sample claim sheet is ready to be filled out click here
  • For a detailed guide to the process of filing a small claim online click here

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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