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10 Unwritten rules for the behavior of Kupishops in Amsterdam

Want to make the most of your legal cannabis experience in the Netherlands? We have compiled for you 10 important rules for beginners, as well as advanced, for proper conduct in Kopishops in Amsterdam.

Disappointed by the election results? Want to get some air with legal Cannabis in Amsterdam? We have compiled for you 10 unwritten rules for Kupishops in the Netherlands in general and in Amsterdam in particular.

1. Bring cash!

Bring cash! The Netherlands is one of the only countries in the world that does not universally respect Visa and MasterCard credit cards. Some of the kupishops will accept them - but most do not.

2. Do not buy CBD in Kopishops

For those of you who want to try products CBD - It is better not to buy them in cupcops. CBD is sold over-the-counter at any pharmacy in the Netherlands, often at a much cheaper price than in cupcakes and in higher quality.

3. Look for a cupcake that gives a quantity discount

There are kopishops that sell 5 grams of cannabis at a reduced price, while there are those who pay a uniform price per gram without any quantity discount no matter how much they fixed. Depending on how much you want, this is something to consider. In any case do not ask for a discount beyond the registered price - it is not customary and will lead nowhere.

4. Save money with hashish

In the Netherlands in general hashish Much cheaper than inflorescence and is very high quality. The best quality hashish costs about the same as the average indoor inflorescence. Therefore, anyone who likes hashish and wants to save money and still enjoy it is the way.

5. Do not buy ready-made joints

Do not buy ready-made joints - mixed jints can contain a lot of tobacco, while the 'pure' wines containing only cannabis may contain the remnants of the 'bulk' of the bottom of the jar that no one wants, and no quality flowers.

6. Choose where to smoke

There's no problem smoking joints in the street, so long as it's downtown, in residential neighborhoods, it's less common. In addition, it is better not to smoke joints outside restaurants.

7. Beware with tobacco

It is officially forbidden to smoke tobacco in Kopishops, unless there is a separate smoking area for tobacco smokers. Most cupcakes overlook some tobacco in the bass, but some are very careful, and they usually hang a few signs on the subject so you can not miss it. Many cupishops have tobacco substitutes that can be taken for free - as long as you take a reasonable amount.

8. Space cakes are not for beginners

Smokers begin? Do not start with edible products. People who are not accustomed to smoking sometimes think it will be easier to consume cannabis in eating, but it is a more powerful experience that is not necessarily suitable for the beginning consumer. In addition, eating is more difficult to determine the dosage, since the effect takes much longer to start compared to smoking.

In other words, if smoking can take a yacht or two and feel enough - you will not be able to feel enough when you eat and stop in real time.

9. Do not put food and drink on the outside

Do not go into a kopishup that sells food and drink with food and drink from somewhere else. It was not acceptable, and it was prudent to enter a restaurant with food from somewhere else. Copcops' business model is built not only on the sales of cannabis, but also on the food and drink we drank from them when you were in Manch.

10. You do not have to leave a tip

It is not necessary to leave a tip in a cupcup - neither the seller nor the waitress. It is not only in Copicops, the Netherlands is very different from Israel in terms of service providers' tips. The tip is not automatically given as in the country, but only if you feel the need to say thank you. If you do feel such a need, a tip of one euro would be quite respectable.

That's it, enjoy it!

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The recommendations are partly based on a list of tips published by Hela Ray, a reporter for Cannabis Magazine and currently working at the city's coffee shop, on the Facebook page Welcome 2 DDAM Which provides "soft landing" services for tourists.

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