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The rabbi who fought masturbation: "Cannabis is the drug of death"

An adult legal cannabis market will lead to children sucking on cannabis candy, there will be more 2 accidents and consumers will switch to heroin use. These are part of Rabbi Shlomo Aviner's claims that he should not vote for parties that support legalization.

Religious Zionism guru Rabbi Shlomo Aviner calls on voters not to vote for parties that support the legalization of cannabis market in Israel, and calls the cannabis plant the "drug of death."

Aviner, founder of the Etzat Nefesh organization, which works to persuade religious homosexuals to change their sexual orientation and avoid masturbation, says that "the cruel drug must be fought with all force."

"Cannabis, also known as hashish, Which is also called marijuana, and also called grass - depending on the form of preparation - is not an innocent green leaf, "claims Aviner," but a very harmful and miserable substance. "

Aviner claims the effect of the component THC Cannabis disrupts neuronal activity in the brain and damages memory and reflexes, as well as leads to more fatal road accidents according to 2.

"The only ones who are not depressive [from using cannabis] are the cannabis dealers who raise hundreds of billions of dollars each year."

Aviner also wants to emphasize the theory, which has long been disproved, that cannabis allegedly causes cocaine and heroin, "the so-called 'springboard' theory," he says.

For persuasion, Aviner brings an example of life: "Think for yourself what will happen when cannabis is free: who will prevent a little boy on his way to school to suck a cannabis and chewing gum to chew cannabis in order to feel good."

Aviner turns to the IAA website, then abandons the scientific arguments and goes on to halakhic arguments. "There is no scholar who will permit this, and if you find one, then he is a single opinion and not among the great poskim will be considered," he writes.

In summary, he argues that even without scientific and halakhic explanations, "we have enough to see: poor people trapped in cannabis, people who enter debt to buy, families fall apart, it is a cruel drug, the drug of death. Woe to those who want to release him, and Asheri who fled from him. "

Aviner's words, And their inaccuracies, are not surprising. Similar arguments came from him More in 2015, Then said that "legalization is madness and evil and its supporters have been drugged with unreal arguments" and that "among Cannabis users there are times 8 Accidents, according to 5 suicides, according to 4 murder and violence."

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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