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"Telegras spokesman" offers: NIS 1 million in exchange for incriminating information on Facebook

A figure representing himself as a spokesman for Telegras published a statement promising a million shekels for incriminating information about Facebook's management in Israel, after Facebook revealed information about Telegraph's managers. On the other hand, another statement was issued denying that the announcement was from Telegras, which claimed that it was a police initiative.

After Facebook Tell the police Information and correspondence about the members of the management of the Telgras organization, a person who presents himself as the organization's spokesman offers a monetary prize for incriminating information about Facebook's managers in Israel.

In a statement sent by the alleged spokesman, Punisher420, he promised that "we will reveal to you exactly who the crime organization is in this story," after Facebook provided information to the police without an order.

The announcement also said that the prize would be awarded as part of a treasure hunter game, during which NIS 1 million in cash or cryptographic coins would be distributed to those who sent the information.

According to him, the huge monetary prize will only be granted if the information that is given is established and validated, and will lead to incriminating the managers, although of course it is not possible to know whether this promise is reliable enough.

"They think they arrested us," he says in a video released a while ago. "Ideas like Tellegras and legalization can not be stopped. They call us a criminal organization, but we will show you exactly who the crime organization is in this story. "

Facebook calls him a spokesman for "a time-consuming disease" and claims that society "violates the privacy and freedom of all of us just to make money."

At the same time, Telegras managers are raising money to finance the legal representation of their leader, Amos Silver, who was recently arrested in Ukraine.

According to his lawyers Silver is imprisoned in the capital Kiev, absorbs violence and threats, does not get enough food and is in a very poor condition. They even petitioned the European Court on the grounds that his detention in Ukraine was against the law.

At the same time, however, a message has been issued by Silver's lawyers that the video and the person presenting himself as the organization's spokesperson are not connected to the organization's managers. According to them, this is also a "information" operation carried out by the police.

"The Israel Police is in a phishing operation designed to torpedo the recruitment of defense funds intended for Telegrass users and merchants," it said. "In the last few hours, a video has been distributed on the social networks aimed at sowing the hysteria and a split among Telegrass users and merchants who have committed themselves to providing a fund for legal defense for 42."

"The attempt to create a semblance of abundance or holding a million shekels in cash is an old and boring investigative exercise in the book."

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