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The court ruled: It is obligatory to provide cannabis to patients who have left Tikkun Olam

The Health Ministry decided that some of the medical cannabis patients who have a license signed by Dr. Johnny Greenfeld and were forced to leave Tikkun Olam will not be able to receive supplies from another company. The Jerusalem District Court ruled this morning and ordered the Health Ministry and the companies to supply the cannabis for them.

The Jerusalem District Court ruled that the medical cannabis companies 'Aspiration for Life', 'Candoc' and IMC are committed to providing medical cannabis to all patients who were forced to leave Tikkun Olam.

The decision concerns patients who have received their cannabis license over the years from Dr. Johnny Grunfeld of Assaf Harofeh Hospital, although they are not necessarily cancer patients currently treated at the hospital.

The Ministry of Health instructed Tikkun Olam, according to the petition, Not to help To those patients in transition to supply from another company.

The Ministry of Health updated its notice stating that "licenses issued by Dr. Johnny Greenfeld and patients at Assaf Harofeh carry out the transfer of the supplier in the department at Assaf Harofeh. The change will take place, Dr. Greenfeld will change the name of the supplier to the existing license, with a stamp and signature. "

Although the Ministry of Health's clarification clarifies how Dr. Greenfeld's patients treated with Assaf Harofeh must drive, she did not clarify how Dr. Greenfeld's licensees Who are not Patients at Assaf Harofeh are treated.

In the absence of a formal directive from the Ministry of Health, members of the group began to turn to Dr. Greenfeld and to correct the world with inquiries and questions about how to act, but no salvation was given to the group.

The patients who turned to the Tikkun Olam representatives were denied an explanation that the Health Ministry refused to amend their license, since this was given by Dr. Grunfeld, while those who contacted Dr. Greenfeld received an explanation explaining that he was unable to help them because his authority as a manager was limited to treating patients Oncologists active in Assaf Harofeh.

Therefore, the same patients remained without supplies until Thursday morning, Judge Oded Shaham ruled that it is strictly forbidden to prevent the supply to these patients and that the companies must immediately begin supplying medical cannabis for them.

The immediate implication is that all of Dr. Greenfeld's patients, including those who are not treated at Assaf Harofeh Hospital, can access their current medical cannabis license for each of the aforementioned companies and receive supplies according to the license.

As mentioned about a month ago (19.2) Was first exposed In the Cannabis magazine, 15.3 will require XTM customers to find a new supply source, after the company announced that it will discontinue delivery until July.

Up to now, more than 6,000 of these have been transferred in an expedited procedure to the "Aspiration for Life" and "Kendok" companies - the units that hold sufficient quantities of medical cannabis to do so.

However, almost 1,000 patients, including cancer patients holding licenses for relatively large amounts of cannabis (50-200 per gram), were not transferred to the companies and could not receive the supplies.

Instead of obligating those companies to accept the cancer patients and provide them with the cannabis as required, the Ministry of Health chose to ignore the issue and left them without supplies at all.

More Miriam Brainin, Who has long been accompanying cannabis patients in their struggle with the Ministry of Health, has approached the court called 17, requiring patients to require the companies to provide medical cannabis according to the license.

According to Attorney Brainin, the Ministry of Health not only instructed Tikkun Olam not to assist them in the crossing but also refrained from publishing instructions to these patients how to switch to another supplier or how they can continue to consume the medical cannabis according to their license.

This morning, Judge Shaham published a temporary order stating that the Ministry of Health must ensure that the companies will supply the cannabis immediately, in accordance with the license, in order not to harm the continuum of treatment.

In addition to the companies 'aspiration for life' and 'Kendok', which stated that they can take in Tikkun Olam patients who leave, the judge also obligated IMC to continue supplying cannabis as stated in the license.

"In order to prevent serious and irreversible damage, a temporary injunction is issued as requested," Judge Shaham ruled. "The order is valid until another decision is made."

The patients affected by this procedure are those of Dr. Greenfeld, who is known to be one of the few doctors who has agreed to give the cancer patients licenses in sufficient quantities for the required treatment.

As a result of Dr. Greenfeld's efforts, he had to cope With harsh sanctions From the Ministry of Health - these are currently undergoing extensive proceedings in the court.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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