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A panic on the right: We will lose power because of cannabis

Elections on the Right Fear of Feiglin's commitment that he will not sit in the government without legalizing Cannabis, while all right-wing parties oppose legalization. "We will not allow this to happen, and the meaning is that a right-wing government will not be established," says Smotrich. "With cannabis things are delusional," says Elkin.

Senior Likud and right-wing officials are very concerned about Moshe Feiglin's promise that he will not enter the coalition without legalizing Cannabis. If he does not lie again and indeed fulfills this commitment, he will be able to bring down a right-wing government, against the background of surveys that place him on 4 and 6 seats.

The two right-wing officials, Environmental Protection Minister Ze'ev Elkin (Likud) and MK Betzalel Smotrich (right-wing parties) claimed yesterday that this commitment could actually lead to the downfall of the right-wing government and the establishment of a left-wing government.

They claim that Feiglin will not be able to accept the full legalization of Cannabis as he promises his voters, since both themselves and many others in the rightist bloc are vehemently opposed.

Indeed, on the right side of the political map, there is no party other than a party that supports legalization. Even the representative of the Likud's cannabis struggle, MK Sharan Heschel, supports not only criminalization and not legalization.

Thus, Elkin and Smutrich, like many others on the right, believe that this undertaking undertaken by Feiglin could lead to the end of a right-wing government, if he does not break his promise to voters.

"We have set up the last government by a miracle, He explained Elkin in a video that was broadcast on Channel 7 yesterday. "If the Likud did not have 30 seats, but 29 would not have formed a government because we were only 60, so mathematically if we want a right government it will be determined by the size of the Likud."

"It is possible that there will not be an option to form a right-wing government, because it is not prepared to say that it is going with Netanyahu in any situation. Voters who want a national government will give their voice to the fact that there will be no national government here because of a dispute over cannabis. It sounds hallucinatory but with cannabis all sorts of things can become delusional. "

Samotrich, on his part, repeated things Who said Last week, he again sharply attacked the legalization campaign and warned of a situation in which Feiglin would pass the threshold and allow his entry into legalization.

"I came out in a very, very aggressive way two weeks ago against legalization because I think this is a destructive and dangerous step, said He is also on the 7 channel. "I announced that we would not let this happen under any circumstances, which means that a right-wing government with Feiglin will not be able to stand up if he gives it legalization."

In light of this, it would be interesting to see whether Feiglin was sitting in a left-wing government in exchange for legalization, would he be pushed into opposition because of his commitment, would he break his promise to the voters, or perhaps eventually succeed in persuading all the right-wing parties to adopt the agenda.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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