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Cannabis affects fertility? Higher sperm count for marijuana smokers

Contrary to claims by conservatives and opponents, a new Harvard study surprises the world this morning. The findings showed that those who consumed or consumed cannabis had a higher sperm count than men who had never consumed cannabis.

New research שפורסם הבוקר (ד’) מצא כי בניגוד לאזהרות המתנגדים עישון קנאביס אינו פוגע בהכרח בפוריות (ספירת תאי זרע) – אלא אולי אף להפך מכך.

חוקרים מאוניברסיטת הרווארד היוקרתית בארה”ב מצאו כי גברים שעישנו קנאביס בעבר או כיום הם גם בעלי פוריות וקצב ייצור גבוה יותר של זרעים, לעומת אלו שלא התנסו בשימוש בקנאביס.

The result has indeed surprised many around the world this morning, but readers of the Cannabis Magazine have read about Another study Which has raised similar findings three years ago.

In the present study, 600 men participated in a sperm count during their visit to the Fertility Institute.

To the surprise of the researchers, subjects who admitted cannabis consumption were found to have higher sperm counts than those who had never consumed cannabis.

However, the researchers are careful to qualify the findings and make it clear that cannabis consumption does not necessarily increase sperm production.

They say other factors may be responsible, for example, the effect of the hormone testosterone on sperm production and on the risk of smoking such as cannabis.

"These surprising findings show how little we know about marijuana's effect on reproduction, and on health in general," said Dr. Jorge Chavaro.

For the study 1,143 seed samples were collected from 662 men during 17 years (2000 to 2017). The average ages were 36, mostly white males and college graduates.

More than half of men (55) reported smoking cannabis at one point or another in their lives, of which 44% admitted cannabis consumption in the past and 11% admitted cannabis consumption today.

Laboratory tests performed on their sperm samples showed that those who smoked cannabis had an average sperm concentration of 62.7 million seeds per milliliter. Those who never smoked cannabis had an average concentration of 45.4 of one million seeds per ml.

In addition to those who consumed cannabis, only 5% had a sperm count lower than 15 / mL, the limit defined by the World Health Organization as normal, compared with 12% among those who did not smoke cannabis in their lives.

CONCLUSIONS: Exposure to low levels of cannabis may be beneficial to the rate of sperm production in men, in part because of the association between the two The endocannabinoid system, Which is activated by the cannabis components, into the seed production mechanism.

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