The Ministry of Health will pay 4,000 to patients who have been forced to buy cannabis illegally

4,000 compensation was discontinued for the benefit of a medical cannabis patient who was forced to purchase cannabis illegally after the Ministry of Health delayed the renewal of his license.

The Small Claims Court in Acre ruled that the Health Ministry should compensate Ilan Shechter, a medical cannabis patient, for NIS 4,000, after the medical cannabis unit was delayed in renewing its cannabis license.

In the suit, Schechter claimed that the behavior of the Health Ministry led to a delay in renewing the license, which forced him to purchase cannabis on the black market.

Schechter also demanded that the Ministry of Health raise NIS 8,000 per month for the Ministry of Health's refusal to increase its monthly dose of cannabis from 50.

Along with the monetary compensation, the patient demanded that if the dosage was not increased, he would be able to grow cannabis himself, at home, for his personal use.

"The ministry's conduct has damaged the quality of life I have left," he wrote. "I suffered financial damage of NIS 8,000 due to the delay in the approval of the license."

He claimed that the Health Ministry refused his requests despite receiving explicit recommendations from his doctors, and was late to approve the application he submitted at 24.12.17 for renewing his license that expired at 5.3.18. He received the innovation only at 9.5.18, two months late.

He also complained that this contravened the Declaration of the Official Service Convention of the Ministry of Health. "I have donated my life and my health for the sake of the state, I will ask for a relevant reference to my health, except for the quality of time left to me," he wrote.

In response, the Health Ministry's representative proposed a compromise in which Schechter would waive the demand to grow cannabis and the demand to increase the dosage, and in return he would be compensated by half the amount of the claim.

"We have reached an agreement, subject to the defendant not recognizing the right of the plaintiff to sue for increasing the dose of cannabis and / or granting a self-growth permit according to which the defendant will pay NIS 4,000 for the final and full settlement of his claim regarding the financial damage caused to him, .

Schechter agreed to the compromise proposal and the senior signatory, Einat Dinerman, approved the agreement as a ruling.

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(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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