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A shock in the industry: Tikkun Olam will not provide cannabis inflorescence due to deficiency

Tikkun Olam announces that it will not be able to continue supplying cannabis to its patients starting next month. Thousands of patients will have to seek supplies from another source. IMC also has a shortage. BOL can absorb everyone. The Ministry of Health is expected to facilitate the supplier's transition procedure. The supply of oils to world-correction patients continues as usual.

Due to a severe shortage, thousands of Cannabis patients associated with Tikkun Olam will need to find a new source of supply for their cannabis blooms, starting with 15.3 and for at least 4 months until July 2019.

Patients who have a license to use cannabis oil can continue to receive oil bottles as usual. Those treated with inflorescences will have to look for alternatives to cannabis strains to which they have become accustomed to other societies.

"We will help all patients with the inflorescences license to migrate and convert the licenses to receive supplies from other suppliers to bridge the shortage period," the company said in a statement on Tuesday. "We undertake to submit any request to the Ministry of Health within a maximum of two working days."

The reason for the halt in supply, according to the company, is the transfer of activity from the company's greenhouse in Biriya, in the north of the country To a new farm In Kfar Yehoshua.

"We can not provide inflorescences in the next four months in parallel to the transfer of our hothouses from the farm in the Upper Galilee to the company's experience in the Jezreel Valley, with strict adherence to a quality product," he said.

"Until 15 / 3, cannabis infloreses will be provided in accordance with the existing licenses held by the patients. From this date on, for about four months, only oils will be supplied to the oil license holders. "

The company also promised that the brothers and sisters' teams would help patients in getting supplies from other suppliers to bridge the shortage.

"The company regrets the sequence of circumstances that led to the temporary shortage and makes it clear that during July, Tikkun Olam will also provide full medical cannabis influxes from its new crop farms," ​​More said.

In order to be able to switch to another supplier, Tikkun Olam patients must transfer their original cannabis license, along with a request to transfer to one of the other companiesSee here) - this is done by completing a supplier's transfer form when meeting the courier on the date of delivery to their home, or directly at the company's offices.

This announcement by Tikkun Olam was preceded by a message from the IMC cannabis company that clarified that cannabis infloreses would no longer be issued to patients holding licenses of over 40 grams per month.

In order to expedite and facilitate the transition of Tikkun Olam patients to other companies, the Ministry of Health will provide a quick transfer procedure for them. The rest of the patients from the other companies will continue with the usual procedure For a new directive Which requires a doctor's recommendation for the purpose of transferring a supplier.

An examination of Cannabis magazine shows that BOL Pharma appears to be able to absorb the thousands of inflamed patients of Tikkun Olam. According to its managers the company is available to receive new patients 10,000.

The company also recently announced to the Stock Exchange that it has 1 a ton of medical cannabis. This amount should suffice for 7,000 treated for 4 months, so they are also likely to be available to patients.

The Pharmocan company can receive up to 400 patients, and the Sheik company over 1,000 is treated immediately and perhaps later on. There is an existing question mark regarding both the Better and Great Nature companies, which currently do not meet the required new standard.

The Super Pharm chain of pharmacies, which has been running a pilot of cannabis supply to patients since April 2018, you will not be able to To receive thousands of Tikkun Olam patients at this stage, as a new license is required.

In about 6 weeks (1.4), the pharmacy reform is expected to take effect, and as of this date, the Ministry of Health plans to transfer all patients, 10% of them each month, to receive the supply in pharmacies.

"Super Pharm is preparing to complete the deployment of 30 branches by the end of March, which have already been approved by the regional pharmacists, and more branches are expected to be approved in the near future," Super Pharm told Cannabis.

As revealed in Cannabis magazine for the first time (Here) The prices of medical cannabis for patients are expected to rise by tens and even hundreds of percent.

The increase in prices is only for patients who receive over 30 grams of cannabis per month. The new cannabis products (one 10 flower bag or one oil vial) will be from NIS 120 to NIS 250 or more to the product.

Therefore, a patient receiving, for example, 30 grams of cannabis per month, will pay from NIS 360 to NIS 750, as opposed to NIS 370 as paid so far. Patients who receive 40 or 50 G and above will have to pay even more.

Recall 'Tikkun Olam Committed That even after the reform it will maintain the low costs of existing cannabis products and will not require more than 370 per month, exactly as is required today, when it returns to activity in July this year.

Cannabis fines

(Starting with 1 in April 2019)

Based on a figure revealed by Minister Erdan. Police refuse to reveal official figureDetails here)

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